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It's been a busy year for us here  at pedalnorth. The team has expanded into North America, and we have more writers in Europe. Our routes continue to be popular, and we'll be expanding them in 2017, with a new section for Gravel Bike routes. We think that Gravel Bikes are going to be big, so if you haven't looked at them yet, do so.

There'll also be routes around the globe, especially in North America, and more information about cycling clubs here in the UK. 

Kit wise, we continue a great series of reviews with Vittoria,  Cycology and Primal, adding Rudy Project to the top quality kit that we test on your behalf. 

Our latest emagazine is out for Autumn and Winter 2016, and is full of great articles and reviews. We couldn't exist without you guys, so thanks  for continuing to support us and enjoy the read. Just click the image of the cover to the right. 


We've put together a special Christmas 2016 Lifecycle emagazine, full of reviews for you to get some gift ideas! Take a look and start writing your own Christmas letter to St Nicholas.

Looking for a cycling club of group nearby? Take a look at our new interactive map below 

The map below has links to all of our routes, with blue for road cycling routes and yellow for mountain bike routes. There's also links to our favourite shops and cafe's. Take a look around and choose a route or two. 



Take a look at our Instagram account for some great cycling and outdoor related images from around the globe

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Italian clothing brand Rosti are linked in with Bike Division, to give cyclists everywhere the opportunity to take on some great challenges. Take a look at the e-leaflet below and find yourself a great trip for 2017.