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Welcome to - for the best road cycling routes and mtb routes in the UK

Dust off that winter clothing guys, it's time to get out and stay out - whatever the weather! Deputy editor Garry and I will no doubt be riding in the rain and snow... again, as will routes editor Norman and his team. Lots of new routes to seek out for you to ride.

We're also going to be doing lots of technical reviews, helping you to fettle your bikes, with Simon our new technical editor. 

The team have already starting reviewing more kit for you, with Emma cycling in France, and Focus sending us some great winter stuff through. We'll also be sticking to form though and seeking out new and exciting brands such as Torm, who helen recently reviewed, and 'Spokesman Clothing' from here in Yorkshire.

Have a good look around the website and enjoy your own cycling. If you're looking for something in particular, give us a buzz and we'll see what we can do.  Crank it up and safe riding!  

Where you see the symbol above on maps, it allows you to filter road/ mtb routes, trail centres and accommodation - enjoy!