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Allyson Atkinson

We're really excited to be expanding our team in North America, making it central to our future plans for spreading the cycling gospel. Allyson will be a key member of our writers as we move forward, bringing a vibrant sense of adventure to proceeedings.

My passion for cycling is rooted in racing, although I am not too competitive to kick back and have fun. I also love fashion and bring a little of my personal style to every ride and race.  My goal is to inform and inspire my readers by sharing my authentic experiences—I truly hope the sport of cycling becomes more inclusive overtime worldwide. With everything I do on the bike, I strive to follow my own motto: “Be your self, show respect, ride hard and have fun”. I’m also a vegetarian and a mom to my incredible son, Liam.

You can follow me on Instagram too, by clicking the Instagram logo below. Have a great day and enjoy your cycling.