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BelloCyclist Interview

Our Italian interviewer Millie has been busy, speaking to people behind the brands that make us look smart on two wheels. Here she speaks to the team at who make great cycling caps

1. In 2016 and now we continue seeing your colourful caps on Instagram, which must be a great feeling. Tell us a bit about you guys, who you are and where you’re from.

We’re a graphic designer couple who met in London in 2014. Kris is from Hungary, Reneta is Bulgarian. We both love cycling and pedalled a lot together whilst in London. We went freelancing last year and now we both live in Bulgaria as Noah, our baby boy hopped into our life. We didn’t think growing up in London would be a good fit for him.

2. As an Italian, I can’t help but notice the name “Bello”. Tell us a bit about it, where does it come from?

True, it’s a very latin name. However, rather surprisingly, Hungarians often use the phrase 'hello bello’ when greeting children or cat-calling girls. When we've started thinking on the brand name, we have had a few other ideas, but when Kris greeted me with the ‘hello bello’ once when meeting up after work in East London on the super-blue-cycling-highway, we knew, Bello Cyclist™ would be great as all cyclists are wonderful!

3. It’s a fierce competition out there, but you seem to be making your way with colours and fun quotes. What do you think makes your gear different to other companies?

Well, yes, the competition is tough, but our success perhaps lies in the quality and flexibility in colour choices. We use a top notch garment printer called Kornit Digital to produce our caps, which gives them vibrant colours without the restriction of screen printing, where only limited number of colours could be applied. Our customers are intrigued to have their very own cycling cap no one else has.

4. Can you tell us a bit more about the materials you use and the thought behind using them?

Our caps are made of 100% cotton. The cotton-polyesther blends seemed much more rigid and crisp when worn on the head, hence we have decided to use pure, soft cotton, what gives you a much nicer and comfortable feel. We also sew an elastic sweatband inside the caps for a snug fit when worn on the head.

5. What are some of the challenges of setting up a business like yours?

Finding the right supplier and maintaining a good working relationship with them is a key factor. We have had a hard time finding printers and clothing manufacturers who were keen to get on board with us and understood our quality and turnaround requirements.


6. What have been some of the best moments / achievements in your journey?

Every feedback and comment for us is an achievement and we value what people have to say about our products. So far, the reception was overwhelming and we can’t thank to everyone enough for their support.

7. You have already achieved and grown a lot; what are your main goals for the future?

What should we expect from Bello Cyclist in the next year or so? More and more and more caps!!! :) Also, we would like to offer custom printed cycling jerseys and shorts too. We are in the process of developing a budget friendly, yet quality cycling apparel.

8. Are you guys passionate cyclists and if so what does cycling mean for you?

Yes, indeed we are! We went on a few sportive and cycling touring is close to our hearts too. The freedom and the sensation of outdoor exercise, the distance you can cover in a relatively easy and short time are those what made us fell in love with pedalling.

9. What inspired you to start this business?

 When Kris has started doodling with a few design concepts, cyclist and non-cyclist friends, family were encouraging him to work on this project in depth, that’s been a great inspiration to him.

10. Any team kit / cyclist that has inspired your work so far?

We do not follow up the cycling tournaments and have little-to-none knowledge about this, so I’d like to skip this answer! :)

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