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The benefits of cycling

Okay, so we all know that cycling gets you fit, but what else does it do for you? We thought we'd put this together, and try to encourage more people to join the cycling revolution.  Here's our short list of cycling benefits, complied by Larisa and Robert...

1. Balance: Cycling produces the balance between exertion and relaxation, which is so important for the bodies equiliberium.  We all like to exercise, but we like to chill out too. Cycling is a perfect balance of both, and it alsotakes you to some amazing places, with lots more to see and do.

2. Heart: All the risk factors that lead to a heart attack are reduced and regular cycling reduces the likelihood of a heart attack by more than 50%. If you wear a heart rate monitor,it will also allow you to better tailor your training on the bike, optimising your training.

3. Coordination: Moving both feet around in circles, while steering with both your hands and your bodies own weight, moving to match the road or trail ahead, is good practice for your coordination skills. It also improves your awareness,as your body instinctively moves with the bike as you become a better cyclist.

4. A week of inactivity reduces the strength of the muscular system by up to 50%, and it can also harm muscles long term. During cycling, most muscles are activated. Even when indoor training, using the rollers can have significant musclular benefits to the core, which is vital for overall training.

5. Back pain: Cycling posture is optimum, and the cyclic movement of  the legs stimulates muscles in the lower back. However, you do need to set the bike up correctly. Make sure that the bar width is correct for you, the stem length is ideal, and the seat position on the rails is correct. Know your saddle height too. From the top of the saddle to the middle of the bottom bracket will give you this.

6. Waistline: Cycling is ideal for targeting problam areas. It enables people who cannot move easily to take part in exercise. It increases fitness and stimulates the bodies fat metabolism. Regular cycling and a balanced diet will help you to lose weight and stay fit.

7. Joints: The circular movement of cycling assists the movement of energy and other metabolic products to the cartilages, reducing the risk of arthrosis. 

8. Mental Health: Cycling has a relaxing effect, due to the uniform movement which stabilises physical and emotional functions. It reduces anxiety, stress, depression and other phychological factors, leading to better mental well-being. We all know that feeling of freedom when the wind hits our faces and we look around at the amazing and beautiful scenery that cycling takes us through. Mountains that rise high,open vistas across valleys and meadows, creating visual stimulations that also help to relax us.

9. Financial: Due to a growing love for cycling, the more that you ride the poorer you will be, due to the number of bikes you'll buy and all the very nice kit too!

Cycling has all of these benefits and many more besides. Ifyou'd like to join a club, wherever you are in the world, google your local area, or take a look on our website. Add smies to every day and days to your life with cycling.and join the new revolution.