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Bikepackers Barcelona

Spain is a hub of European cycling, with some great roads and trails to explore on two wheels; and we have superb weather too!

We are Borja and Júlia from Barcelona, and we decided to create an Instagram account under the name of @bikepackersbarcelona during the summer of 2015.

We'd planned to do a bike trip crossing Spain from one side to the other (Barcelona to Cadiz), which would involve cycling approximately 1200km in 10 days.  We thought that was a good reason to start sharing our experiences and daily routines, related to one of our biggest passions: cycling! And so our online adventure was born.

Borja started cycling when he was a child, and he raced downhill for so many years that later on, he decided to change discipline and he now enjoys longer cycling rides on his MTB, CX and road bikes. 

For me, Júlia, I had my first experience on a road bike when I started practising triathlon 4 years ago. I think that cycling easily became my favorite part, as it is a sport I’ve always admired, and I'm in a great place to ride. 

Both of us love to play sport, so as a couple we love challenging ourselves with different experiences which mostly involve cycling.  So we spend much of our time on our bikes, training and enjoying every minute of it. Luckily, we live in a beautiful area, full of fantastic routes, which makes every ride even more special.

You can follow our adventures, favourite places, tips and a lot more on Instagram (@bikepackersbarcelona).  We're so pleased to have the opportunity of telling you more about our country, by writing for, so keep following our adventures

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