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Biking and Body Building

Bodybuilding and bike training, by Suely Abreu, Brazil

These are two activities that go a little difficult for me to reconcile. My passion for cycling takes almost every day of workouts through the week, and my twists and turns are usually quite heavy, requiring a rest period for the body, so my staff has periodized a program to avoid confrontation between these two modalities of physical activity. In this routine also comes food, which as you know is very important for a good performance in training, and also for muscle hypertrophy, something that I look for with bodybuilding and food.

For this article I invited my personal trainer in physical education to tell us a little about my current preparation, the days before a mountain challenge with a little more than 2,000 elevations. I tried to feed myself in a healthy way, but also, the training with my partner was essential with his participation and knowledgeable help.

Below is a text from my staff, Roberto Junior.

"Before discussing Suely's current training phase, I would like to emphasize the importance of physical activity and its many benefits to us.We live in an increasingly modern and technological society and some people tend to get carried away by the comfort that it also provides, this contributes to the lack of interest in practicing physical activity.

Cyclists have been highlighting a growing number of fans to the sport, be it in a recreational or even in a more committed way. With all this popularization of cycling, there is also an increase in the rate of injuries and musculoskeletal disorders caused mainly by the non-intervention of professionals who can corroborate for a better performance and health, guiding and periodizing the athlete's training.

Unfortunately there is still a balance resistance between bodybuilding and biking. It is believed that one can take the income from the other and vice versa, when in fact they complement each other when done in an intelligent and committed way according to each objective. Bodybuilding is fundamental to strengthen muscles, tendons, joints, which will help decrease for example the risk of injury, as well as potentiate cardiorespiratory.

Let's talk about Suely's current training.

Within the current periodization, we will be focusing on the training of hypertrophy and resistance working around 60% CMax, emphasizing the method of execution speed and not properly on the overload. Remembering that we are following a periodization training going through all phases, in front of that, I see maximum strength training an important cycle of his training, being the practice of cycling a job that already demands a lot of resistance methods and even hypertrophy.

At this stage Suely will do two to three times a week on alternate days and we will give a rest interval of at least 24 hours from one workout to the next, being both workouts, biking and bodybuilding the same day. This program extends from four to five weeks and can be adjusted if necessary. There will be three to four sets of eight to ten repetitions, with cadence (speed) 4020, (concentric and eccentric phase) for most, and may vary in certain exercises. The interval between sets will be from one minute to one minute and thirty seconds. "

This was a training period I did a month ago for that mountain bike challenge that I briefly mentioned earlier, and which I successfully conquered. Now I'm struggling again to reconcile the two activities of biking and body building, but this time without a challenge in sight, at least for now. Anyway, I need to be well prepared every day to not lose the rhythm and the good shape, and the fun and laughter.

We all have a set of varying activities that we take part in; it’s good for a healthy lifestyle, so long as we recommend that conflicts can arise and that when they do, to take advice from training experts, and of course, remain focused. If we do this, we can continue to have fun in all our activities and to get fit at the same time, improving our daily lives, and that has to be good news! I love my sport and my cycling, and I want to encourage you to do the same; so take time to work through the lifestyle balances and challenges, and have a great time on your own biking adventures.