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bottom half kit

Choosing the right cycling shorts or bib tights are often difficult, as the market place can be saturated with brands. There are so many out there on the web. Sites will bring back hundreds of selections, leaving you confused, when all you want to know is 'what really is the best cycling bib shorts or baggies for me and are they really any good?'

We're doing our best to make it easy, by only bringing you the very best products. Whilst we test lots of gear, we only publish those products that meet our exacting standards - 4 out of 5 stars as a minimum. So you can be assured that the kit we like is the kit that you'll like to. Here's a selection for the bottom half of you then...

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Biehler  Thermal Matrix Bib Tights

It can still be chilly in early Spring, especially in places such as North Yorkshire. These tights from German brand Biehler are ideal for Autumn and Winter, but have also proved themselves as an ideal early Spring choice on colder days. These tights are a superb choice then, for style, performance and value.

G4 Dimension Hipster Kit for Ladies

We take a look at this stylish new kit from French brand, G4 Dimension, as Larisa wears it on a ride into the Romanian mountains.

G4 Winter Gabba & Tights

We thought you'd like to see some stylish gear from French brand G4 Dimension, that will also keep you warm and dry through winter.

G4 Dimension Intemporal Kit for Ladies

Deputy executive editor Larisa takes a close look at this stylish kit from French brand G4 Dimension.We love the blend of style and performance from the high end French brand.

Biehler Pro Expert Fink Shorts

Biehler shorts just get better, with the new Fink pro level bibs. Superfit and comfort, and a pad that'll keep you riding happy all day long...

G4 National Range Bib Shorts - Brazil

G4 produce the very best kit, with design and style at their heart. Their National range celebrates sport across the globe and performs suberbly in all conditions. Time to test it in the Yorkshire Dales

Beilher Mens & Ladies Pro Team Bib Shorts Sauschnell

German brand Beihler continue to produce outstanding kit across all ranges. These new bibs are are great example of their adherence to quality in performance, and better still, they make them for both men and women.


Alyson (Wattage Cottage) from Texas, USA takes a look at the design specific brand from Australia, Cycology. It seems that as well as being cool kit, it works really well too!

Kafitt Sport Pro Bib Shorts

Colombia is renowned for producing great cyclists; it's now producing some great gear too. We take a look at stylish brand Kafitt Sport

Refined Roadwear Ladies Bib Shorts

Global brands editor, Larisa Chinces,takes a look at these stylish and high end bib shorts from Refined Roadwear. As well as looking good, they also perform exceptionally...


Ekoi Morfo One-Size Bibshorts

French brand Ekoi have pushed the envelope with these new shorts, producing something stylish and comfortable for all riders.


Canary Hill Ladies Cycling Clothing

There is still a lack of stylish and well designed ladies specific cycling brands on the market. Our writer Millie took time to find out about Belgium based brand Canary Hill; a brand set up with the specific purpose of bringing stylish gear to ladies. Read her thoughts and her review here.

JLVelo Game Over Kit

JLVelo make fantastic kit for cyclists. The brand is in the heart of cycle sport USA - California, and has ambassadors all over the globe, testing kit and feeding the results back to the design team. I love good kit, on the road and mtb, and have to ensure that it's good, comfortable and stylish! Testing the JLVelo 'Game Over' kit has been a revelation; it really is well thought out. Time to tell you all about it then...

Rosti TT & Triathlon One Piece Suit

Luciana Prados is our Brazilian triathlete and writer; she's been busy testing this stylish one piece time trial and tri cycling kit from Italian brand, Rosti.

JLVelo Ladies Tribal Kit

Larisa is always busy on road and trail in Romania, so good kit is crucial. We thought that she'd be ideal to test this great stylish design from Californian brand JLVelo

Rosti Road Warrior Bib Shorts

Always looking for brands that you may not have thought of, we came across this global Italian brand recently. and were immediately impressed with their style, attention to detail and quality. Read our review of their Road Warrior bibs.

Biehler Matrix B-Powerful Bib Shorts

These multi panel body contoured bibs from Biehler are really fantastic - they truly are. Performing all day long, and with some excellent compression properties, they're ideal for the racer or the enthusiast looking for high end comfort.

Biehler Camou Bib Shorts

These Camou bib shorts from German brand Biehler are really exceptional in every way. The styling, cut, fit, quality and comfort are spot on, and have performed well in all conditions throughout our tests in the Yorkshire Dales. 

Biehler Elite Curve Bib Shorts

Biehler are rapidly becoming one of 'the' quality brands to wear in Europe, producing some superb kit in general retail and custom styles. These bibs are an excellent choice for the individual or the club rider, having been tested for some time in northern England, in some harsh conditions and on some steep hills.

Cycology Obsession Bib Shorts

We tested these stylish bibs from Aussie brand Cycology, riding them in a Yorkshire Dales in Autumn and early Spring. Now you can be sure that they're a great piece of kit.


Nalini Black Label Agua Shorts for Ladies

Stephanie DeSanti is a triathlete and cyclist, so kit has to be good. Especially in the Californian heat. Read her review of these stylish bibs from Italian brand Nalini


Primal Europe Modenza Cycling Shorts

Supremely comfortable and relaxed-fitting shorts. These come with a detachable and separately-wearable inner allowing maximum versatility.

We really liked these shorts, which may actually get our exec editor out of his bibs...and that's a great compliment! 

Nalini Agua Bib Tights (ladies)

Bib tights can be ideal for those who don't like leg warmers,or who prefer to be fully covered even in summer. Stephani DeSanti takes a look at these stylish tights from Italian brand Nalini

Cycology One Tribe Bibs

We all know the importance of good bib shorts and a comfortable pad; and, these days it's also nice to look stylish. Aussie brand Cycology have produced some awesome bibs here.

Nalini Butterfly Jersey & Bibs (ladies)

Cali girl and triathlete Stephanie tests out some stylish gear from this Italian brand. With Spring just around the corner, it's time to look stylish again.

Velobici Verne Bib Shorts

These bib shorts are quite simply excellent. Grant takes a good look at them and tells you why you should give them a go. 

Read his review and get yourself a pair ordered. For comfort and style, they're just the job

Primal Frequency Evo Bib Shorts

Time to get bright and stylish on the road in time for the holidays. These bib shorts from Primal are just the job, with excellent compression and a great pad. We've tested them on tarmac and trail this year. 

Tadaias Mainear Bib Shorts

It's crucial to get this item of kit right, and yet so easy to get it wrong. Tadaias have hit the mark straight away with their new Mainear shorts. 

Read what Garry thought after a long term test in the Yorkshire Dales. 

Casp Black Pink Bib Shorts

Design wise, comfort wise and craftman wise, Casp have hit everything with these great bibs. The fit and ride feel is superb, and they're as stylish as it gets. 

Focus RC Winter Tights

In what has been a very strange winter, we've been testing these tights from Focus. Thankfully they've proved to be a winner in these unusual conditions. 

Primal Helix Ladies Shorts

Too few companies seem to spend time and energy designing really good ladies shorts. It's important, so come on you guys. We recently tested the Helix shorts from primal, and our won Emma Coldwell was really imporessed. Now they take pride of place in her wardrobe. Read the review by clicking the image here.

Craft Ladies 'Move' Bib Shorts

Bib shorts are important. Every little thing about them has a purpose, or should have; especially for us ladies. It's no good just trying to sell us shorts that are primarily designed for men. If you haven't noticed, we're built slightly differently, and we have style!   

Nalini Treste Bibnickers 

The Treste Bib knicker is from Nalini's Full Season range designed for year round use. It's three quarter length, medium weight fleece lined and a match, style wise, the Taverino jersey.

I'd never ridden in three quarter length bibs before, having always opted for full length legs in the colder weather or bib shorts when the temperatures rise - not very often in the South Pennines! Reviewing the Treste bibknicker has, however, helped change my opinion on what I had initially thought were probably 'not for me'. I quickly came to realise the benefit of having the knees covered, and kept warmer, especially at the start of rides or on longer descents and I've really enjoyed reviewing them. 

Craft Puncheur Bib Shorts

Craft are renowned in the winter sports clothing arena, and in recent years they've brought their wide knowledge of performance clothing into the cycling arena. These bib shorts are an excellent example of their quality and styling.

Cycology Bib Shorts

These Aussie bib shorts from Cycology are a new brand to the UK, but are fast making a name for themselves.

The cut and design is pretty good, and in terms of comfort, they definitely look after the improtant aspects of riding!


Endura Humvee Pants

We're taking classic quality mountain bike pants here. One of the best designs ever in our book. Hard wearing, comfortable and well made. They have pockets in all the right places and also don't look to bad either.

Nalini Volano Bib Tights

I’m going to start this review off by mentioning pads. Yes, it’s the most important thing to cyclists. As important as tuna is to a cat and tea is to the great Guy Martin.  It either enriches the ride or proves to be quite a sore point…pardon the pun!

In terms of the Volano bibs by Nalini, the pad is superb – really superb. It looks the business and it feels the business – throughout the ride. I almost feel like the actor in a 1970s advert: ‘Throw away that Chamois Cream and get yourself a pair of these!’ And you’d be very wise if you did just that.

D2D Cycle Clothing Bib Shorts

Having tried various bits and pieces recently I was pleasantly surprised to come across D2D Cycle Clothing from Yorkshire. It also fitted well...pardon the pun, with our 'Made in Yorkshire' series.

What drew me initially was the fact that they hadn't attempted to colour the world in scary tones that could inflict a fit or seizure upon any passing motorist. The designs and colours were simple, well cut and unassumingly classy looking. Far too often people take the mistaken route of believing that loud and bright will draw the crowds

D2D Winter Bib Tights

Let's get the basics out of the way early - a basic matt black scheme and simpe logo at the back fits in well with any other gear that you may have.  The material is the usual D2D high quality, high stretch thermal wicking lycra, with zip fasteners tucked away behind the ankles. The well cut multi panel design has quality stitching, providing a close and comfortable fit that moulds itself to your legs, whilst allowing freedom of movement and a feeling of support due to the compression feel.

Showers Pass Elite Trousers

We tested the Skyline Jacket and Elite Trousers. The top half is made from three-layer Elite fabric and is designed for waterproofness, breathability and visibility, with Scotchlite bands all down the arms.

The trousers (this Englishman would no sooner call them ‘pants’ than I would ride on a ‘sidewalk’) are designed to be showerproof and highly breathable. This is absolutely the right priority as fully waterproof trousers can lead to sweat where no sweat should ever be.

Focus Basic Line Bib Shorts

In terms of the bib shorts, the first thing that you notice is the quality of the material and how they both look and fit. Focus describe the bibs thus: Bi-elastic Lycra Sport® material with comfortable Polypropilene® mesh suspenders for optimum breathability, 13 panels, flat seams, etc etc.

In layman’s terms it means this: The printed lycra is super quality, super soft, strong and stretchy, with excellent and unobtrusive silicone hems that grip and don’t pinch or cause the bibs to ride about and look saggy like some brands. Instead, the bibs stay perfectly comfortable throughout the ride and keep you looking like a pro.

Red Venom Bib Shorts

I will say, that unlike some other shorts that I have ridden in, they didn't bobble at all, tear or go stiff. They remained like new and I never felt as though I had them on, if that makes sense. No, I also don’t normally ride in the nude – they were just very comfortable! The padding, which was one of the main factors that I asked Red Venom about, stayed soft, strong, padded and intact. They were mega comfy in all aspects, the bib / braces not being too tight or too rigid.