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Canada and USA Cycling


United States of America


We've just be joined by some great cycling bloggers from both Canada and the United States, and are really excited. Being the home of mountain biking and with some awesome trails and roads, both the USA and Canada are a cyclists mecca. Places such as Santa Cruz, Whistler, Colorado, California, British Columbia, Calgary - the list is endless. 

Time then to read all about it from our great new writers

Pura Vida - Biking Adventures in Costa Rica (WhereWeRide)

We love traveling the world to experience new cultures and see different landscapes. Riding bikes where we travel is part of the adventure.

In early March, we travelled to Costa Rica to do some biking and surfing.

Costa Rica is known around the world for its mountain biking - specifically for La Ruta de los Conquistadores, an annual International Race and one of the toughest in the world

Cascade Cycle Rollers

Floridian rider David West tests out these rollers from Cascade...I know, it's Florida; but every now and then the sun doesn't always shine!


A Day in the Life of a Triathlete - Stephanie DeSanti

Californian girl and triathlete gives a breakdown of her schedule and how she fits training into her lifestyle each and every day...


Securing Your Fitness - David West

Our Florida based writer writes about this crucial part of any cycling lifestyle - fitness. Click the link to read more...

Derek Hermon, Bear Valley Bikes 

As we expand into North America, we've been joined here at by a mtb old skool star, Derek Hermon from California. Click the link to read more... 


Why We Ride: Florida's North-East Coast

One of our American bloggers, David West writes about the great off road riding to be found in the sunshine state

Valmont - CX Racing, Erik De Rosa

5:30am always seems to come much earlier on race day and last Saturday was no exception. That's because it was the start of my 2016 cyclocross season at the famed Valmont Bike Park in Boulder, Colorado. Valmont is a special venue for me as it is where my coach won the 2014 Masters National Championship.

Stephanie De Santi: Global Cycling, California, USA

Stephanie De Santi is an American cyclist, triathlete and writer. Steph joined our team in 2016 and will be writing about her own cycling lifestyle as well as doing some kit reviews and bringing some great blogs about American cycling culture.

Click the image to read Stephanie's bio and to link to her Instagram account

Where we Ride: Dave & Jenna, Canada

Time to meet Dave and Jenna from Calgary, in Rocky Mountains country. This inspirational team introduce themselves and will be bringing some great cycling adventres and information from this fantastic cycling country.

Click the image to read their bio and to link to Dave and Jenna's Instagram account


Erik DaRosa: Colorado, USA

Time to meet a new writer for Pedalnorth - Erik Darosa from the mountains of Colorado. Erik is a pro ski instructor, masters cyclocross racer and keen mountain biker, who'' be writing all about the Colorado scene and his own exploits for our readers.

Click the image to read Erik's bio and to access his social media accounts


The Female Focus

Californian triathlete and cyclist Stephanie, examines the battle that women still have within our sport to be taken seriously. It's still hard work to simply be yourself, without being an object for unnecessary comments.

Click the image to read Stephanie's article