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Cycling around Lake Tisza

Cycling around Lake Tisza, Hungary

After the Balaton Tour in Hungary from 2 weeks ago, the organizer, Tamas Takács from 'Ride Hard', invited me to spend a lovely weekend at Lake Tisza. How could I say no! Flights were quickly arranged and off I set,flying via Vienna to Budapest.

On the first day we rode 70kms on the flat surfaced bike lanes around the Lake. Being away from traffic is always better I think, allowing time to relax, and Hungary has lots of cyclelanes in the area. Best of all, I got to ride my favorite bike (Bianchi) together with my new friends from the tour - Tamas and Peter. My fingernails were even Bianchi celeste blue!

The landscapes were wonderful around the lake and also at the hotel. We also ate local fish from the lake,which was delicious and quite special; and after that, in the afternoon we went canoeing across the lake, in the warm sun and under blue skies. After the relaxing trip with the canoe, we played board games together into the evening,and I looked ahead to tomorrow and something special.

Morning came on the second day, and  for me, Tamas, Martin and Peter it was to be a race - yes! We took part in the “Tisza-Tó Maraton” competition. It was the same route and distance from the ride we had completed the day before, and it was fun for me to ride together with the boys. Once again, it was sunny and warm, and quite a flat course, with lots of competitors.I have a racing instinct though and was ready to ride!

I finished in first place on the women’s category and I was very satisfied with the result! After the competition the organizer rewarded us with tasty varieties of strudels. It felt good to stand in first place on the podium and be presented with my medal.

Afterwards, we visited the “The Tisza-Lake Eco-Centre”, full of interesting species of fish in huge tanks, showing the work taking place in the area to protect marine wildlife. Finally, after a very active day and lots of visiting, we relaxed at the hotel’s swimming pool and spa, which was followed by a delightful dinner and wine tasting of 5 different wines - very enjoyable indeed - hehe!

There's a lot going on in Hungary with cycling, and Ride Hard Hungary are at the centre of it. Their bike tours are bringing new people to explore this amazing country, to sample it's culture and leisure facilities. It's an exciting time to be a cyclist, with so much to explore, and so much sun!

Yes, I enjoyed the trip very much, and I’ll definitely come back again! Hungary has captured me and it's a very special place for cycling.



Watch the video of the Lake TiszaTour below...