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Cycling Clubs and Groups

We want to do more to promote cycling clubs and groups. Initially focusing here in the UK, but we also want to expand our database eslewhere in the world, so that cyclists anywhere can easily find a club or group of like minded cyclists.

Click on of the map image logos below to search our UK map or one of the other international websites that list clubs, and have great fun with like-minded cyclists. website global clubs database pedalnorth UK clubs map USA Clubs database via

Clubs are a great way to get involved in cycling locally; clubs like our friends at the Moonglu Club in Ripon, North Yorkshire, have done so much in the community to support all kinds of local events. Go to our twitter account and tell us your own club story. For now though, take a flick around the map and find a club near you.

Take a look at the G4 Dimension custon clothing brochure and let us know if you'd like contacting about your own very unique custom club kit from one of our great partner brands.

click here to make a custom kit enquiry

You can also download the G4 Dimension custom kit brochure by the link below this page.