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Cycling Kit Reviews

We thought it would be useful to put up a few ideas of the 'kit we like' - nothing else, just the stuff that we use and recommend. Yep, there's loads more out there and reviews all over the place. We also want to promote good kit by brands that you maybe hadn't thought of, and to look at some smaller globally based outfits along the way.

We look at loads of stuff, but if we don't think that it's worthy of at least 4 stars out of 5 then we don't put it on the site. It's only our opinion, but we like to think that we have some taste and a rough idea about good kit in terms of bike porn. Price is also everything, so when we're looking at kit, the price always comes into play.

There's also a few new ebrochures at the foot of this page, so that you can take a brief look at the people that we work with. As we progress the new ebrochures, you'll be able to click straight to their site and buy some great gear :-)

Our lead reviewer and assistant brands editor for 2018 will be Larisa Chinces above, from Romania, due to her outstanding work with brands during 2016/217 - well done Larisa!

Latest Review News

Vittoria Mezcal MTB Tyre with Graphene

Here's the deal, it's tricky getting the right tyre for trail riding. A wide variety of conditions to contend with, you never quite know if your choice will cut the mustard. We were therefore pleasantly surpised with these new tyres from Italian brand Vittoria