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Cycling in Panama

Cycling ... How to define its meaning for Panamanian or foreign cyclists living in my country? In a word he would call it "passion."

During the last years, the growth of this sport in Panama and indeed globally has been notorious and exciting; of children, all young adults have been caught in the phenomenon of cycling. In the city, in all areas, a new tolerance has had to develop, so that little by little has been a new learning for all; sharing the road and the roads and the lanes with those that go on two wheels.Cycling is indeed booming!

This process has not been easy however; cycling clubs and sports associations have come together to raise public awareness about the positive use of cycling, to such an extent that municipal authorities have implemented mechanisms and spaces for cyclists to start cycling safely. These initiatives have been applauded by the cycling community which welcome the government's interest in having a more sustainable city, with a view to adopting examples of big capitals where the bicycle is in a place as important as the automobile. It is great to see this new recognition of the positive effects of cycling and its sustainability.
In general, interest was taken in the Ciclovía, closing some main arteries of the city every Sunday from 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 and then cycle the coast from tape 3, from Monday to Saturday from 4:00 to 8 : 00. These activities openly encouraged people to take the bike. It's a wonderful way to experience cycling in a safe environment.

These spaces have become favorites for recreational cyclists, but especially for the competitive, who use them as preparation for triathlon, duathlon and bike races. Sport cycling seems to be here to stay-wonderful smiley
Every day hundreds of cyclists travel the cycle lane; some alone and others in their respective groups pedal at high speed, creating the famous pelotons that make you feel pro level. In many cases each team is distinguished by its uniform. Everyone wants to show, becoming a catwalk advertising cycling shops, among other brands looking at this opportunity market space. Yes, cycling is a growing market for brands here in Panama; style is after all part of everyday life why not have cycling style too heart

For the more intrepid, as the weekend approaches, the routes to the outskirts of the city are the best, with plateaus and hills in great demand, generating more resistance for lovers of mountain climbers.
On the other hand, cyclists every day want to move towards elite professionalism, with the use of technological tools, ranging from electronic changes, profiled wheels, to power meters. We are quick to catch up on the world cycling that has existed elsewhere for generations.
Panama has several options for those looking to practice road and mountain biking ... there is land for all tastes and levels. Everyone who comes to ride or to live, enjoy and feel the passion that generates this sport in the country. And not only in the capital, but also in the interior, where the routes and landscapes have nothing to envy to other latitudes. Each place has its charm ... in each to get the most potential and experience your experience on two wheels.

The good thing about cycling is inclusion; we can all do, in all ages and at all levels. It brings together people and communities and improves health ... and is great fun - especially in Panama!

Kathia Acosta, Panama

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