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A Cycling Passion

In some periods of life and of time generally, I could say that any sport would involve the body and parts of it, and how it reacts and performs; but undoubtedly the bicycle takes any existing paradigm in my senses and my being. It's unique in that it involves the body, body and emotions in total unison, creating electrical feelings of excitement and adventure. 

For me, it enveloped my soul, took me without asking permission, so that every thought existent every day of my life is addressed to her, like a love that cannot be disguarded or ignored, so strong is that passion -  a passion for life. Perhaps because it touches every fiber of my being; perhaps because all negative feelings take them, absorbs them, and throws them into a frenzy of positive thought and action. Yes, I simply love, live and breath cycling. It has me in its grasp forever.

Perhaps because it makes a better version of me; and there could be many reasons why she took me without hesitation, and caused an irreversibly positive effect - In Myself. A very welcome effect that signifies who I am - Vanessa Jimenez - cyclist!

Over time, I want to write about these passions, and my cycling; the training the rides, the people and the culture I share this passion with. I recently climbed Alto de Letras in Colombia, the longest road climb in the world; a 82 km rising snake of tarmac that pulls you in and upward through hard work. So much so that only a cyclists heart can climb this epic road. I'll write about this and other climbs, here on All I ask of you my friends is this - join my on my journey and share my passion!

smiley Vanessa X

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