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Cycling at the Pyramids

Oh my God, it was amazing! I cannot tell you how much so. To be able to ride a bike with such a beautiful setting as this - a World Heritage Site. It will live in my memory for ever. I feel soooo lucky to have been able to ride there ... wow!

It was a very long day though, as we had to get the photographic equipment ready, and make sure that all the cycling kit was there from ZBikewear, Canary Hill and NOW Helmet. I had been planning the photo shoot for a few weeks, and seeing it all come together finally was amazing.

The sun was high and the heat was unbelievable, but so was this iconic  setting, which made it worthwhile. I was riding a Trek mountain bike, which was ideal for the terrain, with the sand and the rocks, and I even got to take a few selfies! Jajajaja!!!

The kit was also fantastic, fitting me like a second skin, feeling so feminine and super stylish - wow. When you feel good and you look good, it makes you want to ride; and when your  adventure also takes you to such an amazing place as the Pyramids, there is nothing better. I felt wonderfully free and adventurous, the cycling style queen of the desert! jajajaja!!!

I'll be writing a review for the ZBikewear kit on the Pedalnorth website too. You can keep yourself up to date with me on my instagram profile, linked on my homepage. And don't forget, I'm off to France in the spring - wow!

Where next for now though? Mmm ... that's a tricky one. I'll have to ride my bike on the moon to top this place I think! Send me your suggestions, and enjoy these amazing pictures!

Take a look at the gallery of the ZBikewear shoot by clicking here

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