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David West Bio

Joining our USA writing team is David West from Florida. We're really excited about expanding our articles and routes into North America, with the fantastic team that we've put together.

Time then for David to introduce himself...

I live in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, USA, just a short ride from the sunrise, which is where you will find me hammer in miles before work. I travel for a living and ride in many different destinations around the United States.

Whether its beach towns of Florida, hills in the southern states, the Great Plains, or the Rocky Mountains, I'll find my way onto two wheels somehow. I don't discriminate, I ride road, cyclocross, mountain, and even beach cruisers.

I'll be sharing my adventures on and off the bike, and providing a few tips along the way. I have a background in photography and production so I hope you enjoy what you see.

Don't forget to comment and share your stories too. I'd love to get connected and you never know, maybe we'll meet on the road somewhere.

Click the link below to access Davi on social media and his own website