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Ekoi Guerra Sunglasses

Don’t think that sunglasses for cyclists are just a fashion statement. Yes, they need to look good, but they also have a role to place in keeping dirt and road muck and small stones from flying into your eyes, and making sure that you don’t get blinded by the sun when riding. Yes, look stylish, but also make sure that they perform well at the same time. 

The Guerra glasses from French brand Ekoi are both stylish and really good on the road - especially stylish are the yellow Tour de France frames that they sent me to review ... wow! Even on a cold but sunny winter day, when your head is wrapped in a head cover or cap over the ears, they sit nicely on the outside of the cloth and straps, in the way that the rules say that they should! More importantly, when you have the head glove or buff up over your chin and mouth to keep the winter cold at bay, they don’t fog or mist up and cause you to ride into things, as Ekoi have thankfully thought a lot about the ventilation of the lenses, and have three vents built into the top edge of the frame above each lens - 6 vents in total. 

The Guerra is also a wrap around lens, which means it fits close to the face, sitting softly on the bridge of the nose with the soft rubber rest, and the tight arms meaning that it all stays put and doesn’t fall down as you ride. All good so far then, but how strong are the frames you may ask. Ekoi don’t go for cheap materials or cheap workmanship; everything looks and feels as though it was made with pride, and the frame has a high quality, strong and firm feel to it.  You can even go on their website and choose the frame colours, with a wide selection for the various component parts of the frame. 

In terms of the lens itself then, it’s a photochromic lens, meaning basically that darken on exposure to the sun and return to normal when the sun doesn’t shine ... like in North Yorkshire! And in practice it does work okay, as we’ve had some sunny days over winter while testing these glasses, and the reaction of the lens to the UV rays and sun strength is fine. You can also change the lenses easily, with a small central lock on the inside of the frame; and Ekoi provide numerous mirrored and coloured lens options to make sure that you look good with any gear. 

Price wise you really won’t beat Ekoi on lens quality at this mid to high end sunglasses range, as it easily beats the competition on price and is a good match for any competitor. And finally, the most impressive part of the test then: it has to be the lack of fogging due to the great ventilation, and the stability of the glasses even when worn over a well wrapped winter head. So what are you waiting for... go visit the Ekoi website and get choosing your own coloured frames!

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