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Emma Tang and Grant Williams

Emma and Grant joined us last year, having already been writing about their worldwide cycling adventures on their own blog ''. They're a great partnership and in the short time on the team have proved invaluable, rising quickly to be our new Global Cycling Team deputy editors


Cycling offers so much, it's impossible to pinpoint why I love it so much. Ultimately, I think it comes down to the feeling of freedom that the simple motion of riding a bike creates. The potential to create adventure on two wheels has complemented my love of travel and the outdoors.

Initially blending cycling and travel had a Mountain Bike flavour. A good friend and I were mad keen and yearned to head off to Canada and America to ride the trails that formed part of the wonderful photography within the USAs Bike Mag. Those trips created fabulous memories. My cycling adventures are something I now share with my long standing partner, Emma. We love to create rides in the hills of England and we head to Europe at least once a year, to experience the mountain roads of Italy or France. Over the last twenty years, cycling has given me so many fabulous experiences and I am still as enthusiastic as ever. I hope that sharing some of these moments through writing will encourage others to create their own adventures on two wheels.


Road cycling alongside my partner Grant is my passion.  My love of hilly, endurance riding and cycling in the mountains of Europe will most likely be the main theme of my ramblings. After our first ascent of L'Alpe d'Huez in 2004, the beauty and allure of the mountains took hold of us.  Since then, we've been fortunate enough to have ridden many of the Cols and Passos of the Pyrenees, the Dolomites, the French and Italian Alps.  

Speed is never likely to be my thing, but I still enjoy the training and nutrition aspects of this wonderful, all consuming pastime!  I was 26 when I started cycling and I was not particularly sporty. If you'd told me that by the time I was approaching 40 I'd have tackled so many of Europe's toughest climbs, I would never have believed it!  So if just one reader is inspired to head to the mountains, or have a go at road riding, I will be thrilled.  

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