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Franchelina Corrales - Seeking my spiritual self

The world is my home and sports are my life. I seek adventure to revitalise my spirit and bring me closer to who I am. Yes, my bike and I are the best of friends; we seek adventure together and travel to amazing places.

When I'm in the Venezuelan mountains at Loma del Viento, I feel free and spiritual. It reminds me who I am. I'm a spirit that is independent and adventurous. We all have special places that we bond with. Being Venezuelan I’m lucky, coming from an amazingly beautiful place, but also understanding that the world is beautiful, and so I travel. Currently to Egypt and soon to Florida.

One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to in my life is the Blue Lagoon, on the Sinai Peninsula, bordering Israel, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, but in Egypt. It is paradise on earth! Living in Egypt at this time, I guess I’m proving how easy it is to explore and to travel. I live simply, with limited needs, allowing me to enjoy these adventures.

When you live with less, life becomes more than you’ve ever imaged. We all go through periods where what we believe are our needs are actually far greater than reality, and it constrains us. I need just a passport, my bike and enough money to eat and sleep in a degree of comfort. And, the purpose of this article I guess is to explain and to convince you that travelling the world with your bike is easier than you think. I’m unfortunately missing mine at the moment, but we’ll be together again soon in Florida, once again seeking out new places on a shoestring budget. I'll add new memories to my history, and make new friends as I explore.

Whatever you decide to do, each and every day, make sure that it makes you happy. With every sunrise, think your life just started. Walking or riding through life, I understand that the important thing is not to know what one has, it’s to know what you’re worth, and to be proud of who you are. Getting here is not always easy, but one thing is certain - it’s more fun by bike, and I’m proud to be me, free, adventurous and stylish


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