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G4 visit Tour de Yorkshire

The cycling community of Yorkshire are excited as the 2018 Tour de Yorkshire sets off today.

One special guest, invited by Sir Garry Verity and Welcome To Yorkshire, is 2008 Tour of Britain winner Geoffroy Lequatre, who is here to ride and see how the cycling culture in this amazing county continues to grow.

Riding with friends yesterday around Studley Royal and Fountains Abbey, Geoffroy showed his versatility by taking to the mountain bike and a few forded streams. Today he’s back on the road bike, with a G4 ride in Ripon, as a guest of the Moonglu Cycling Club. This gave Geoffroy the chance to immerse himself in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside, and to visit one of our iconic places, the World Heritage Site at Fountains Abbey.

Talking about his experiences so far, Geoffroy says:

I use to be a cyclocross man when I stared pedaling and mountain biker as well during the off season, I always discover UK on my road bikes by racing 2 Tour of Britain and taking part of the grand depart in 2007 Tour de France. Roads are beautiful, crowds are amazing in UK but what I discovered yesterday with Rob was an authentic feeling, riding the trails discovering the National Park , approaching the dear and enjoying river splash like a kid. Freedom was the word on my mountain bike ride!

After a lovely lunch talking about G4 and my clothing activity and how we can be part of this cycling scene, we drove to the launch and team presentation of Tour of Yorkshire. A great ambiance with crowds applauding the riders on this Wednesday evening, and then VIP evening meeting with Sir Garry Verity and Christian Prudhomme, the organisers of this wonderful race. It was also the occasion to meet the team members of the new cycle fair event, the Cycle Expo Yorkshire! What a great movement behind cycling in this region!

First day in Yorkshire and I’m already in love with the way cycling lovers are living their cycling life! I can’t wait to see the race today, and to feel again this cycling atmosphere! We will enjoy the day, with a fantastic evening ride with a community of cyclists here in Ripon on the die of the Yorkshire Dales, and there is nothing better to share my passion and my cycling background, and my new activity of G4 founder and designer with these people.

Tomorrow, Geoffroy and Pedalnorth editor, Robert Are off to watch the stage two finish at Ilkley, where some tired riders will climb the Cow and Calf to the iconic viewpoint above the Yorkshire hills.

Cycle Expo Yorkshire