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Getting ready for winter

Get ready for winter

Summer will always follow spring, and as sure as eggs are eggs, winter will always follow autumn. You’ll already have noticed the darker nights, colder days and colder winds. Yes, before you realise it, the rain will be turning colder too, and the mornings will be frosty and edged with white crystals.

Time then to consider what to wear to keep yourself warm. We recently wrote about the G4 Overshoes and the Ultra Lightweight Rain Jacket for autumn, so here’s our guide to moving on a step and staying winter warm. If you’re sensible, you’ll build up your cycling  wardrobe as the year moves along, and these two items when worn with bibs and leg warmers will be ideal for the hard working rider on most sensible winter cycling days, or you can of course add them to the G4 long tights.

1.    G4 Winter Base Layer

A good base layer is definitely an essential cycling item at all times of the year. However, when the biting winter temperatures are on the horizon, you need a thickly woven winter specific base to do the job properly, regulating the temperature and keeping you warm on descents. Layering correctly is critical, as too little and you’ll be cold all day long, and too much and you’ll sweat too much and end up damp on the inside and extremely uncomfortable.

This G4 winter base has ultra stretchy panels that fit close to your body, and the heat-regulating honeycomb areas on the biceps, pectorals, shoulders, stomach, and lower back provide protection, anatomical support and perfectly regulates your body heat, by balancing protection from the cold against continuous wicking of perspiration. I’ve been using the short sleeve version, which has been ideal in mixed winter conditions, where the high winds and chills of summit climbs bite into you. When dressing for winter, remember the windchill factor too, because it can be brutal.

The sleeves are kept simple and lightweight, with the thicker weaves concentrated on those important areas, and it’s all extremely elasticated, meaning it works against the skin to wick away moisture and allow your body to breath.

In use, worn underneath a jersey or the G4 Supreme Long Sleeved Winter Jacket, it performs perfectly, keeping you warm and ensuring that your focus is on turning the pedals. It’s tough and hard wearing to, returning to shape after endless winter rides and washes.

2.    G4 Supreme Long Sleeved Winter Jacket

If it’s cold enough to wear a winter Gabba, then make sure that it does the job well. Getting the garment performance right is not an option in winter, and this Supreme Long Sleeve Jacket for men is just the job. It’s tailored long at the rear, to make sure you stay warm and dry when hunched over the bars and grinding out the miles, and it’s nice and short at the front, linking in superbly with the bibs or tights. Wide neoprene cuffs finish of the form fitting sleeves and keep the wrists in place, and the wind and rain out. Up top, the high collar does likewise, as well as being trimmed on the inside with warm fleece.

At waist level, there’s a strong elasticated band, with gel on the inside to keep it firmly fixed and in place, whilst the long lumber panel is also form cut and elasticated to fit  unobtrusively and to  protect your lower back. Above this area are the three exceptional pockets, made from the very strongest of fabrics, extremely deep and beautifully finished with elastic to hold all your winter essentials firmly in place and away from the elements. The two outer most pockets are trimmed with stylish reflective fabric, adding the essential safety touch for you.

In terms of cut and design, this is a jacket designed by former professional cyclist Geoffroy Lequatre, and is form fitting throughout, with an exceptionally stylish design. It hugs the body and keeps you warm, whilst the technical fabric at the front and back is strong and stretchy, moving as you do on the bike.  The water repellent and breathable panels are all fleece lined for warmth, whilst the arms have a stylish reflective and ventilated strip at the back for added performance and comfort.

In winter, zips are one of the key items, and this technical Jacket has a superb and super strong full length zipper, neatly tucked behind a neoprene strip to ensure further weatherproofing for the rider. Every little detail has been well thought out, through years of top level riding in all conditions, and an attention to detail which is synonymous with G4.

In terms of style, this jacket has it sewn in, with a simple but stylish design oozing quality. It’s that black number that everyone needs in their wardrobe, that goes with everything and looks sensational.

Wearing this on cold autumn days and during long winter rides last year, this G4 long sleeved Gabba performed exceptionally well, keeping me warm and dry as it beaded away the rain and defied the wind. The level of technicity, the quality and the performance here is at the cutting edge of winter cycling clothing, leaving the cyclist with only one concern – how far to ride for coffee! Because as we all know, cycling is about a shared culture of smiles and miles, and about creating memories. Yes, winter is coming, but with G4 and this superb long sleeved Gabba on your side, you’ll be extremely well wrapped in all conditions, be it rain, wind or the white stuff!