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Getting in shape and healthy habits

Good shape, due to healthy habits 

To grow in a natural environment gives us the opportunity to create healthier eating habits. In my case, I had no choice, because all you ate at home was harvested in our backyard; so it wasn't hard to acquire these habits and keep them until today. Salads, organic produce, fruits, colourful meals; all helping with the many sports I played that required physical effort, because the environment also provided those special moments. 

It was a good combination to grow up healthy, and maybe that explains the fact that I always have been lean with defined muscle groups, always liked to be on the move. Today if you ask me, "what word defines you", I would say: motion. However, this is also the slogan of my fitness fashion brand – and it defines me perfectly!

After 16 years living at the headquarters of the municipality, in a nearby town, I started my workouts in the gym. I like weight training, defining my body shape, and developing the human form into a shape that makes me look good. I know I’m not alone – many people all over the world share this. Three months afterwards, it was already possible to see the benefits in health and body aesthetics, and it soon became more bracing as well as more pleasurable. Since that time I have taken my physical activity seriously, and know when to stop for some period, sometimes for medical reasons. It can be easy to over train and cause injury, so keeping a plan that helps you train and rest properly is vital. 

For a time I used professional supervision with a physical and nutritional coach, and I reached my best results; something I intend to resume soon, because these professionals can help us a lot. There is a great value in listening to these experts as you start out your own programme.

When I first started riding in January this year, I had been assiduous in the training and discipline of healthy living for years. I made diets and trained three to four times a week – like many of you I guess. It can be addictive, you and I know; but with so much time practicing the same thing, I was getting complacent and repetitive. In recent months I realized that training for health and a beautiful body was enough for me, not for competing; not that that really lacked something. Yes, I had a good body, good shape and mass with definition, but I had something missing I guess.

I woke up more to life I suppose, wanting to give me more motivation and fun. Coincidentally or not, it's been a few bike rides by the edge of the city that have done the trick, and brought some much needed fun back to my general fitness training. It’s far more fun than any exercise bike or spinning class. After invitations to ride a few kilometers more with friends, I soon found myself addicted to cycling.

So I replaced the indoor bike with trips into the mountains, by the wind of morning, the adrenaline downhill; by the challenges of climbs and the various sensations that this sport can provide us with. To discover the pleasure and the adventures of MTB was indeed addictive. I ride 150 km in some weeks, losing weight over 3 kg in three months. Even trying to feed myself well, taking my protein snack for the cycling (I carry snacks for long rides), the changing results in body aesthetics began to show. MTB and bodybuilding are two intense activities that require a high caloric expenditure that needs supporting; then I realized that I need to get back with my nutritional monitoring urgent, because the loss of lean body mass was going on and needed addressing – too much fun with my cycling! Meanwhile I opted for Pilates, a lighter activity that has benefited me a lot. 

Before I was coaching for health and an ideal body, today my training goals are slightly adjusted - I'm here to have a healthy life saturated with emotion and challenges. I do not think Pilates will bring me the results (body mass gains) expected – not on its own. I plan on combining monitored bodybuilding with cycling again soon.

Pilates has been good for my stretching, postural correction and also for my breathing, and I'd say I'm pleased with the results - physically and mentally I'm doing great ...;) 

It is a balance, getting our healthy lifestyle defined and suited to how we live our lives, and with what we want to be. You can follow my own journey, and the recovery in body mass gain, as I balance weight training and cycling training and fun, to develop a healthy me in mind in body. I’ll let you guys be the judge ;)