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Global Cycling - Jostein Borresen - Norway

Nationality: Norway
Team: Nedre Buskerud Nerroverlag (NBNL)
Bike: Devinci Spartan carbon SX w/ Magura Raceline brakes
Clothes & Gear: POC (Roxee Sport)
Born: May 22, 1973 

I live in Norway, five miles outside Oslo in a place called Solbergelva just outside Drammen, with 3 kids (16, 14, 10) and my wife. 

I have the opportunity to go out in my own «backyard» to hit the singletracks. There are plenty of them in the nearby woods. In the season I try to get out at least 3 times during the week, as often as possible really. In the weekends I often ride with the guys in NBNL or go off on some competition riding.

I compete in some terrain/gravel races, but mostly the Norwegian 80/20 EnduroSeries. The ES goes over 5 weekends in 5 different places and although I like it on my home turf, I love to visit Luster in Sogndal, its just something about steap hillsides going straight in the fjords.

I like both the social and the competitive aspect of the enduro. It is usually around 150 cyclist at the starting line, so lots to challenge! The times I have attended, I've ended up a bit above average on the list.

Nedre Buskerud Nerroverlag

I am one of nine guys in a local team called Nedre Buskerud Nerroverlag (NBNL). We're mixed group of guys who love bike riding. NBNL also tend to go on yearly trips around in Norway every summer. We also have one week in Spain during the winter, enjoying a warmer climate for riding than Norway! One week of dry dusty mountain trails and sunshine, usually in mid February.

Enduro is awesome and big for us in Norway. It's taking off in the UK by the look of things, which is really interesting. Riding in Norway is just like elsewhere I suppose - simply great fun and a little bit on the edge! 

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Best reagards 
Jostein Børresen