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Great Pies - Kendall's Pateley Bridge

There are pies and there are pies. There are towns that boast far and wide about their pies, using them as a marketing tool and I'm well in favour of that. However, if you're a real disciple of the pie, you will at some point of taken a pilgrimage to Pateley Bridge. They don't boast about their pies in this small Nidderdale market town - the pies do the talking, and they're so fresh that a good vet could bring them back to life!

Many years ago when walking with my boys nearby, I treated them to their first Kendall's pie. We rested on the valley edge, overlooking the sublime vista of Nidderdale and opened the bag that contained our joy. As I did so I'm sure that I heard a 'Mooo' emanating from the bag; it certainly made the boys smile, and they've enjoyed their Kendall's pies ever since. 

My wife and I were recently out to dinner in nearby Wharfdale. Walking into the Craven Arms at Appletreewick we overheard a conversation at the bar, with a group of people discussing the merits of various purveyors of pies. We suggested the name of Kendall's and the pie maestro leading the debate suddenly lit up and became overwhelming excited. He recounted a family occasion where he'd been asked to collect 50 Kendall's pies for the event. He and his sibling had then travelled to the function, and by the time that they arrived, only 30 pies remained!

For myself, I used to meet up with a cycling buddy for mtb rides in Nidderdale. We'd park at Pateley Bridge and ride off into the valley. On occasions his black Labrador would run along the side of us. Once finished all three of us would pop to Kendall's and enjoy a steak pie feast, and our four-legged friend always ensured that there were no crumbs left behind.

Pork or steak, Kendall's pies are a thing of beauty, having won numerous awards. The pastry is not too crusty and not too soft. Not too salty, but has that nice 'bite' that should always greet a pie-man or pie-lady. The meet is fresh and prime, with gravy licking the fresh farmed steak, and the pork is always best cuts that taste superb.

It therefore seems sensible and only right to award Kendall's Farm Butchers the 'Order of Merit' - our highest honour!

click here to view Kendalls website and make a donation to this worthy cause - they deliver!