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GripGrab Thin Merino Wool Socks

Its all too easy to forget about kit for your feet once you've got your shoes sorted, unless of course you're an avid #sockdoper; but come the cooler months as soon as Jack Frost starts nipping at your toes (as well as your nose), you're soon reminded! Its very tempting to just add extra layers, as you would to the rest of your body in winter to keep numb toes at bay, but if you do that with your socks you could end up over stretching your shoes or making them feel too tight, causing the numbness you're trying to avoid. What you really need is a sock that has excellent insulating properties without being too thick.

Enter Danish company GripGrab with their merino socks. These lightweight socks are warmer than you'd expect from such a thin material, all thanks to the high merino wool content - 52% to be precise. GripGrab state they like their socks to fit your feet snugly; if the expression could apply to feet as well as hands then more specifically, they'd like you to feel they fit like a glove - and they certainly do that! I was a little concerned that the small socks might not be small enough for my uk size four feet, since they're billed as being suitable for uk sizes five to eight, but I need not have worried. The socks fit me very comfortably indeed, with no noticeable looseness or extra material. They're very stretchy too, so if you're at the bigger end of the scale there's still plenty of wriggle room for your toes.

How do they perform on the bike? Well, I've endeavoured to wear these socks on all of my rides over the past few months, to get a good idea of how warm they keep my tootsies. From someone who has gone so far as wrapping their toes in tin foil before stuffing them in to my shoes, I think these socks are pretty damned good! There was only one ride where the wind chill dropped the temperature below zero that left my toes feeling icy cold, but I think my poor choice of overshoe for the conditions that night was my downfall.

Having worn them so frequently also means they've been through the wash a fair few times too. They come out looking box fresh and feeling soft each time, with no signs or wear or pilling and the colour stays true. Always good for the cash-conscious cyclist; and I love the branding across these socks. One is emblazoned with the word "foot"across the toes, and the other sock embazonned with "love" - it's up to you whichever way round you wear them.

I can see me wearing these socks all year round, only reaching for a toastier alternative when the thermometer drops significantly. Another five star item from GripGrab!

Executive Editor Robert also tested these socks for men and gave the same loud applause. Take a look at the GripGrab website by clicking the link.