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Head Hands and Feet

You ride the miles, so you deserve to look stylish too. However, there are so many products out there on the web. Sites will bring back hundreds of selections, leaving you confused, when all you want to know is 'what really is the best bits cycling kit for me, and what looks really goodand performs well too?'

We're doing our best to make it easy, by only bringing you the very best products. Whilst we test lots of gear, we only publish those products that meet our exacting standards - 4 out of 5 stars as a minimum. So you can be assured that the kit we like is the kit that you'll like to.Here's a selection for your head, hands and feet then...

G4 Dimension Summer Gloves and Ladies Socks

Editor Larisa takes a close look at this stylish French brand and their performance clothing for serious cyclists

Ekoi Guerra Sunglasses

This stylish French brand have come up trumps with these well thought out and well made glasses. We really like the ability to configure your own pair too. Take a look at our full review below...


NOW Helmet Ladies MTB Helmet

Suely Abreu from Brazil has been trail testing this lid from American brand NOW Helmet. It's modern, funky and it will keeps you cool while looking stylish.

Read her full review below

RH+ Shark Gloves

In a cold and wet winter you need gloves that do the basics. These neoprene gloves fromRH+ may just fit the bill.


Met Rivale Helmet

Italian brand Met work closely with the pro teams, bringing innovation to the ordinary rider. We took a close look at their Rivale helmet, and we like it lots

GripGrab Racing Glove

For the mtb speedsters out there, these new gloves are ideal on the xc trail. They're well made and comfortable, but maybe a palm pad would make them perfect for all around all day on the bars.

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GripGrab Roadster Gloves

If you're after a great fingerless cycling glove, these new ones from GripGrab are spot on. Well made and with Dr Gel pads in the right places, they should a long time and protect your hands.

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GripGrab Aero TT Gloves

Of all the gloves tested this year,we really like these aero TT gloves from Danish brand GripGrab

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Termico Overshoes by Q36.5 

Global editor Grant swears by this stylish brand, and has been testing out these over shoes for some time. Read his review here

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Summer Socks Review: Rosti, The Wonderful Socks, GripGrab, and Primal

We take a look at four great brands and their offerings for your feet this year. It's not just about style, it's also about comfort and performance; but each of these socks also has style in abundance.

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Biehler Thermo Active Warmers

German brand Biehler are taking the cycling scene by storm with their great designs and quality. Part of every range should include thermal warmers, especially here in northern Europe. We take at look at the Biehler offering...

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GripGrab Aquarepel Arm & Leg Warmers

We've been testing these over the Autumn and Winter, in the harsh conditions of the Yorkshire Dales. We reckon they're spot on, and ideal through to Spring and the sunshine. Take a read of our review...

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GripGrab Hurricane Winter Glove

These really are one of the very best gloves we've ever come across. A super performer this winter in the cold and damp Yorkshire Dales. Take a read of our review and then get yourself a pair...

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Lake CX 402 Road Shoes

Our own Yorkshire lass, Emma Coldwell, takes a look at these great shoes from top brand 'Lake'

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GripGrab Winter Accessories

Danish brand GripGrab get tested in the cold winter of Poland, and as expected, come up trumps, performing superbly.

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POC Actal AVIP MIPS Cycling Helmet

Our Writer and rider from France tests out this great helmet from stylish brand POC. If you're looking for something that will keep you safe and look the business, then read on! 

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Rudy Project Tralyx SX Sunnies

It may not always be bright sunshine, but when it is you need to look after your eyes. Look stylish at the same time with some great sunnies from Rudy Project, and read the review of the Tralyx SX by Stephanie...

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Rudy Project Sterling Helmet

It's not simply a case of being safe on a bike with a good helmet. It also has to be comfortable and stylish. Rudy Project take every aspect as key elements. Read Stephanie's review of their Stirling helmet here...

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GripGrab Merino Wool Socks (Ladies Review) 

Here at Pedalnorth we recognise that all gear doesn't necessarily suit all riders. This is why we've been working with GripGrab to test their socks for both ladies and men. Read our editor Helen's review for smaller feet. 

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GripGrab Ladies Shark Gloves

Gloves - not often taken seriously, until that moment when they don't fit or don't perform. The clever people at GripGrab have thought carefully about this when designing their Shark glove. Read the review by editor, Helen Harris.

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GripGrab Arm & Leg Wamers (small for ladies)

We're proud of the fact that here at pedalnorth, the ladies are as important as the men. That's why when we reviewed the GripGrab warmers, we also asked Helen to take a look. Small and thinner arms need something that actually fits and doesn't hang loosely.

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GripGrab Arm & Leg Warmers

It's the type of winter where these things come out more than we'd have thought. Not quite wanting to wear full winter bib tight, then the arm and leg warmers come into their own.

Danish company GripGrab have produced some top quality hi vis one's, that provide warmth and safety and style. 

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GripGrab Headgear

There's nothing worse than cold winds that bite into you when you're riding. A cold head can make a ride just no fun. These bits and pieces from Danish company GripGrab have been a real winner on test over the past few months, and would be a great addition for any cycling kit bag. 

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GripGrab Windster Goves 

Winter gloves; a tricky choice to make. Do we sacrifice warmth for dexterity, or dexterity for warmth? With these goves from Danish brand GripGrab you don;t have to.

Click the image on the left to read more


Specialized S-Works Ladies XC Shoes

New Global Cycling writer, Susan Barraza from Chile, tests out these fantastic shoes from Specialized.

Read her thoughts by clicking the image to the left or by clicking here


Torch T2 Helmet

Commuting can be a tricky game these days, with cycle accidents on the rise.

Click the image to read the review of the Torch T2 helmet by Garry. 

Craft Puncheur Fingerless Mitts 

I had to wait for the warmer weather to try these lightweight, fingerless gloves. With much of the construction made from a mesh like material, they kept my hands cool and dry whilst competing, but had the added benefit of Craft's shock-absorbing gel inserts across pressure points in the palm, which helped on longer rides.

Craft Overshoes (Ladies)

Ours is a green and pleasant land - due to the amount of rain that we get, so overshoes are a must for every keen cyclist!

These Craft overshoes were a perfect addition to my spring cycling wear - they kept my feet dry and warm despite the frequent showers and they looked good too. The colour scheme is simple and effective in terms of style and safety, black in colour with the striking red detail and a reflective Craft logo.

Nalini Red Label Summer Gloves

Looking for new cycling gloves? It's always a tricky decision with so  many to choose from. However, if you're after great quality and style, and top level performance, take a look at these gloves from Nalini.

Our South Pennines based rider, Ed Sykes tested them out for pedalnorth. 

Nalini Red Label Arm Warmers 

All this lovely weather has had Ed Sykes out and about testing Nalini gear this summer. The Red Label arm warmers have been a welcome addition to the range according to Ed - due to the cooler Yorkshire Pennine days!

Read his review of the arm warmers here

Craft Puncheur Arm/ Leg Warmers & Summer Overshoes 

Craft are renowned in the winter sports, and over recent years have brought their skills, style and quality to the cycling scene. We took a look at their Puncheur range this summer, to see if it could withstand a Yorkshire season - it did so in style, even if our review team did get a little wet in the process!

Take a read at Glyn's review of the Puncheur range here. 

D2D Comfort Cycling Socks

I've had these D2D socks on trial for a while now and have been impressed how warm and comfortable they've been, even on the wintriest outing, including a step-kicking excursion up Helvellyn in soft snow. Even with the single layer, my feet stayed warm and no toes were lost in the making of the ascent. 

Endura Dexter Windproof Gloves

When I first tested out these gloves, I was conscious of the close fitting. However, they do allow you full control over the critical parts of the bike - brakes, gears and steering, whereas some windproof gloves are bulky and mean that you lose some dexterity.

Hanger 18 Socks

Okay, so it's a sock; oh, and it's made from Alpaca wool. These were my initial thoughts when the parcel arived from the guys at Hanger 18. How can I get excited about a sock. If I did, then my wife would take me out to find another hobby!


Sidi Nevada Road Shoes

I like these shoes - in fact I like them a lot. I've been using them all year now, in all weathers and on all manner of rides. Yes, they're Sidi, so I should like them, but there's more to a shoe than simply a brand. Price is also key to cyclists out there with families and tight purse strings, and these shoes are marvellous value.


Nalini Pro Muggio Gloves

Let’s be very clear, whatever else we need when cycling, gloves are always a good idea. In truth, they can be the most difficult choice: do they fit well, do they fasten well, do they have good padding, do they keep my hands warm and dry, and are they worth the money. After all, they’re only for my hands aren’t they. 

Focus Arm & Leg Warmers

Spring and summer in the North of England can be tricky. A couple of weeks ago (early May) we had snow and hail at the Buttertubs Pass, and I was up there two days ago, with mist so thick that you couldn’t see where you’d fall if you rode over the barrier! With conditions like this, where it may well be warm and sunny in the valley, you need to be well prepared. Arm and leg warmers need to do their job well, and be easy to pack away, to tuck into your jersey pockets unobtrusively.

Zero Point Calf Compression Socks

When using the limbs on the bike, their oxygen requirements increase, meaning the work of the venous calf pump is maximised to accommodate oxygen dependency, which is heightened during exercise. The work of the Zero Point Compression Sleeve is to improve this oxygen flow, meaning a reduced risk of Muscle cramping, Muscle fatigue, Improved circulation when the limbs require it most, resulting in improved stamina to the individual wearing them! A fantastic concept when aiding each and every rider on those demanding up hill gradients!