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HIGH5 Sports Nutrition Zero

HIGH5 Sports Nutrition Zero - Tropical Flavoured Electrolyte Drinks Tablets

Helen Harris, Editor (Global Cycling)

When it comes to nutrition, I've become fairly fussy about what I will and won't have. It's important to me that any product I buy contains only natural ingredients so I'm one of those annoying people that stands there for ages reading the labels in the supermarket to make sure I feel happy relying on a particular food or drink when out on a ride.

UK based company HIGH5 has been in the sports nutrition business for over 20 years, they don't use any artificial ingredients and no added sugars. Its for this reason you'll often find their products in my shopping basket.

A particular favourite of mine are their Zero hydration tabs; a disolvable electrolyte and essential mineral replacement tablet you simply drop in to your water bottle or hydration pack and let it effervesce away turning your plain old water in to a tasty thirst quenching drink. The tabs come in a slender, pocket friendly tube with enough tabs for 20 500ml drinks (though I always use two tabs in a 750ml bottle) and are available in a range of flavours. I'd always been quite partial to the berry flavour, until they launched their newest taste sensation: Tropical! 

If you can imagine something reminiscent of a well known pineapple and grapefruit beverage with just a hint of passionfruit and minus the bubbles then you'd not be far off the deliciousness of this flavour. Just the ticket for a hot summer's day, it makes for a very refreshing drink both during and after a ride, with the added benefit of replenishing all those essential minerals you lose through sweat, including magnesium and potassium which help to stave off cramps. 

I love the convenience of these drinks tabs and wouldn't hesitate to recommend any of the flavours from this range, but if you're looking for a little taste of sunshine then these definitely hit the spot!