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Kafitt Pepper Vino Ladies One Piece

Being a cyclist that rides long distances, comfort is the primary factor for me. I like my gear to fit well, and the one piece outfits seems to suit me best.

Kafitt are a big brand in Colombia, but not yet well known in Europe. Once riders in Europe discover this brand though, I’m sure they’ll be expanding into your wardrobe.

All of Kafitt garments use exceptional pads, ensuring that they have the right amount of pad in each area, layered, bacterial and good for soaking up the moisture. The pads are pro-formed to fit the female shape, making sure that you don’t have a big lump sticking out inappropriately.

The multi panel design is cut to fit perfectly and close and soft to the skin. The Lycra is strong four way stretch and forms a second skin all day long. Also, they use various materials in the different areas, to make sure you can wick moisture where you sweat, and that the wind is kept out at the front. Kafitt only use the best materials, making sure that they work with with body generated moisture, and are UV friendly, keeping the sun at bay.

As highlighted, style is very important to me. I love the feeling of gear that clings well, to show off my figure and has good compression. Yes, performance is critical, but so is the design and styling, and fashion element. The colours are feminine and soft and designed to appeal to us ladies, with soft pastel shades that are well balanced with the white. Kafitt understand women and I like their designs a lot.

About the pockets, it is very important that for the long distance you have to carry snack bars, protein and different stuff, so that is why the need to work properly; the pockets in this Kafitt outfit is very hard to reach it, and would benefit from being lower and more elasticated. However, it’s a minor point when considering the whole garment.

Having worn this one piece suit on a along multi stage tour across France, it’s definitely one I’d recommend. Style and colour is important to us ladies, and Kafitt really get this. I love their one piece ladies suits, and am happy to say that you will too.