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Kafitt Sport Mens Modelo K Pro Jersey

Kafitt Sport Modelo K Pro Jersey

As I began writing this review, I counted 8 different material types on this jersey from Colombian brand Kafitt - wow. Now in any language, that's attention to detail, and shows why this is their pro jersey.

It's a super light, super quality short sleeved style piece, made to do it's job well and to make you look and feel like a pro rider; and why not, if you put the miles in - treat yourself. Let's examine all the materials then, and the first thing to note is that it's white lycra, meaning the design is printed on, meaning its better quality to start with. The upper back panel, yes there are two panels at the back, is made from a lightweight wide mesh fabric to maximise heat and moisture management, with a lightweight but tight weave lycra for the bottom panel at the back.

The wide mesh is again used down the sides, to keep the air circulating in those moisture laden areas, whilst the front and the arms share a similar lightweight but tightly woven 4 way stretch lycra to keep the cool winds at bay. Holding it all in place are selected elasticated fabrics and a gel band at the hem, with wide terraband on the sleeve edges. The collar is high cut, and the zip well hidden from wind too.

The 3 pockets to the rear are reasonable, but could be improved with a more elasticated edging and a heavier weave of material, but this is my only point and a very minor one at that. A small zipped pocked for keys would also be a bonus, for those riders who drive and park up to ride.

In use, it's a great jersey for hard rides and tough training sessions, allowing the moisture to be wicked away and keeping you cool. Ideal then if you ride in tropical Colombian heat or cold and wintry North Yorkshire indoor training sessions. The K Pro kit from Colombian brand Kafitt also carries their signature stylish and understated design characterics, with a modern grey and white pattern to the sleeves, and subtle polka dots set stylishly in a large K to the main jersey areas front and rear. Kafitt are a brand going places and we really like this jersey from them.

As we say, with just a few developments to the pockets it would be perfect; as it is, it's still a very high quality piece of gear and one that won't disappoint. You'll look and feel like a racer - and in truth, that's what we all dream of!