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Kathia Acosta from Panama

My name is Kathia and I am from Panama, a country located in Central America.  All my life I have liked to practice sports, to be always active and full of adrenaline.

Four years ago I started cycling on a route by chance, and since then it has become part of me, to the point that today, I can say with certainty that it is my passion. The sport that motivates me to wake up early when necessary and travel long distances either under the sun, or in the rain.From the first year my friends motivated me to compete.  As inexperienced as I was, I started cycling competition, something that I have continued doing all these years.

Over time I was also encouraged to start mountain biking, with the aim of living new experiences on the bike.  Although I do not practice it so often, it has also given me great satisfaction, even winning prizes, that I keep at home.

Today, I remain active all the time on the road, discovering wonderful landscapes in my beautiful Panama and when it has been possible I cycle outside the country too. 

If the opportunity comes to keep competing and I maintain the strength and motivation, I will keep giving the best of me in every pedal stroke. I invite you to discover my bike life through my photos and writing, so you can see why, I LOVE THE BICYCLE!

Follow me on Instagram too: Kathia_costa