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Laura Celdran Subiela My recovery journey

We have followers and readers all over the globe, from a wide range of cycling disciplines and genres. Laura Celdran Subiela is an enduro rider from northern Spain; a talented adrenaline junky who loves nothing better than taking to the air on two wheels. However, Laura recently suffered another terrible injury, this time to her shoulder - one of the risks of her sport.

We decided to follow her road to recovery, so that Laura's story could inspire others who are currently battling to get back on two wheels.

Blog one

I am sorry for having "hidden" this for a few days but it is been hard to accept that this happened even if It wasn't my fault... and it is going to cost me more than it should take! I had a mechanical problem (on top to a wood ramp) whilst riding my dirtjump bike, and I've BROKEN my right COLLARBONE ... AGAIN!!I

I had surgery few days ago, but this time the surgery has been much more complicated than last time… Now I'm a bionic girl (trying to joke about it); with a titanium collarbone and organic bone insert (in order to help its quick growth and healing)! Anyhow, I am back to work and harder than before - my moto is  #NeverGiveUp

I am pretty lucky to have @Doc_Fusaro (@three_wise_surgeons) as my surgeon and @adrian_zabal as my physio. They're experts and I'm getting th benefit already. I would like to use this and other channels online, to show how this two amazing professionals are helping me getting back on the bike as soon as possible.

How did the accident happen? As I was riding, the chain came out around the rear hub and locked the rear wheel (I usually ride dirtjump with single speed and with no chain tug so the chain is quite tight)…

All this happened on the edge of a wood ramp, so the bike launched me 2 metres up in the air and I landed with my collarbone straight on the ground - yes, that would do it...and it did!

Blog two: Now its time to DO MY BEST

We have been working these last days with the best team (@adrian_zabal & @doc_fusaro @three_wise_surgeons ) and I am so motivated about all the plan! The forecast is NOT as good as I would like but believe me I've got a target: Montblanc is waiting for me (with my Dune enduro bike) in June ... so let's make this happen!  #NeverGiveUp  #SiVasADudarDeAlgoDudaDeTusLimites

Hope u have an amazing weekend!!! Enjoy it, cause that's the best reward!

Blog three: Training again

Here I am!!! I am not giving up! Indoor training is the only workout allows 4 me for this next 5 weeks... it is going to be so lonnnng ... I know. But I am going to DO MY BEST! Working into a great training plan guided by @adrian_zabal training plan!

Aquí estoy! No voy a rendirme!
Solo unos días después de la operación estamos a la carga con más ganas que nunca! Yo no soy "pro" pero no se vivir sin "mi pasión" así que voy a dar lo mejor de mí para poder volver cuanto antes.

El entrenamiento en rodillo no es "muy divertido?" pero es lo único, sobre 2 ruedas, que me han permitido para estas 5 próximas semanas: así que a cumplir el plan de @adrian_zabal y @doc_fusaro @three_wise_surgeons ???? #SiVasADudarDeAlgoDudaDeTusLimites
#CoreBicycleGirl #MAXXIS #Mondraker #MondrakerBikes

Blog four: Post surgery

Few days after my surgery... this is how my arm looks like!!! Tooo much work to do?! but I am happy to be on the way to recovery and riding again -  #NeverGiveUp

Así es como está mi brazo unos días después de la operación!
Queda muuuucho trabajo por hacer. Pero estoy muy contenta de estar en el "camino"!

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