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Leah on Cycling

We recently asked new team member Leah Fullerton, what was it about cycling that she liked most ...

What cycling do I like most, where do I ride and who with? 

I really can't decide on what style of cycling I prefer. I started out on a BMX bike as a kid, moved to mountain biking and then into road cycling. Mountain biking is so exhilarating. Riding single trail puts a huge smile on my face. I feel constantly engaged in my surroundings and at one with nature. Road cycling, on the other hand is so very different yet it puts the same smile on my face. The rocks, tree stumps, mud and creek obstacles of mountain biking become other cyclists, motor vehicles, traffic lights, drain grates and broken glass when road cycling so the same attention is paramount yet I always manage to lose myself when riding, no matter which style it is. We are quite spoilt in Australia, we having cycling weather all year round. It gets hot in summer and cold in winter but it definitely doesn't stop the rides.

We also have the amazing Australian coastline to ride along so you'll see beach and ocean scenes on my Instagram page but we also have animal filled rainforest to ride through, mountain ranges, dessert, rolling hills of the beautiful countryside and of course the fast paced city routes. Around Brisbane we have a lot of mountain biking trails to chew our way through too. It really is a cyclists heaven. 

Cycling for me really is the biggest and best way to relieve stress from a very demanding career in the medical/health industry. It's also very contagious. I've enticed so many men and women into cycling. It's an unbelievable feeling to see how cycling has changed their lives and they've become grand tour watching cycling addicts. These are the very people I love to ride with but ultimately I absolutely love riding with anyone who also shares the same view of cycling and that's to ride safe, be courteous to everyone, ride for the love and fun of it. If you like a post ride coffee too that's a bonus I love.  

I'm looking forward to the new challenge of working with pedalnorth to continue to spread the cyclist message and to support ladies cycling globally. For now though, I need to go and ride!