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Life Cycle 2014 - a few words on cycling

We're now into a third full year at and things are still developing well. 

We have some new faces on board to help us out. So it's a big welcome to Taff Shillam, who's already been out and about for us in the Dales and the NY Moors with Rob, and who will be doing some review work for us in 2014, as well as knitting together some weekend itineraries for you guys.

The mountain bike coast to coast route is now clearly defined, with some work ongoing with partners to develop products to assist you guys along the this space. We also want to produce some more longer routes for 2014. Life Cycle has also been well received, so we'll be growing this section of the site, with more articles. We're working on the following at the moment: 'Made in Yorkshire' series - Pace Cycles, Arthur Caygill Cycles; preparing properly for cold weather cycling.

We'd also like to thank our partners who have continually supported us through our journey to this point: USE and Exposure Lights; Endura Clothing; Met Helmets; Wheelbase; Ordnance Survey; Harveys Maps. We really hope that you guys will continue to enjoy in 2014. So flick down the list of new articles as it develops and enjoy. Have a great years riding in 2014 and don't forget it's the year of Le Tour!

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Article Summary & Image Link
Global Cycling

Adam Marsden - Dwonhill Racer

Phil Walton-Smith met recently with rising downhill racing star, Adam Marsden. Adam tells us how he got into downhilling and gives us an insight into what the future may hold for him.

Global Cycling 

Global Cycling is a series of articles in which we examine cycling and what it means around the world

Marina Ferrari is a cyclist and Sao Paulo resident. She tells us what cycling means to her, why she cycles, and introduces us to the night biker scene of Brazil. 


Life on

a Bike

An examination of what cycling means...

Our editor briefly examines what the feeling of cycling means to people and why we ride

A Damp Winter 

Riding in the Rain...

Mark Eric Larson is a renowned American blogger. In this article he shares with us, his thoughts on cycling in the wet - very apt at this time of the year!


Bronte MTB Ride for Charity



A worthy way to spend the day


Debs and Phil tackle the Bronte mountain bike challenge in support of a worthy cause.

Video Killed the Radio Star


Press pause for social interaction

A short but philosophical look at how we use modern mobile phone apps and the dangers to social interaction

Riding Off Piste at Yearsley

Livingstone I presume!

Our intrepid editor takes a ride off piste in Yearsley Woods. Set within the Hoarwardian Hills, Yearsley is easily accessible from York and the southern edges of the North Yorks Moors. 

Whilst little used for mountain biking, it has some great hidden trails that climb and fall in all the right places. 


28th April 2014: Routes Editor Norman Hadley reminisces about that first proper bike and what it opened up.

Gear Ratios
A boyhood cul-de-sacked
by privet hedges,
neat white fences, ended
with the restoration of a bicycle,
the solemn slotting-together of
its sprocket-ingenuity.
He began to understand the maths:
if he could ride five times
the distance he could walk,
that’s twenty five-fold on the area
of wapentakes within his radius
of exploration.
If he could set the tension in the chain
correctly, it could catapult him past
the here-be-dragonned map-horizons.
wapentake : An administrative subdivision in northern English counties, developed under Norse influence, and corresponding to hundreds in the rest of England.

Made in Yorkshire

Brodie Skin Care - yep!


Our Welsh adventurer, Garry, has been busy recently - testing moisturiser! Yep, that's correct.

When we got the call from Alison Brodie of Brodie Skin Care, we couldn't think of anyone more suitable. 

Read about the product and how soft Garry's skin is here!

Made in Yorkshire





Neil Dunkley of Moonglu Performance Cycles at Ripon, on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, makes wheels that have travelled across the world. Watching Neil weave his magic in the shop is something really special.

Rob Thorpe is a regular pilgrim, having had Neil rescue his wheels for many years now. 

We spoke to Neil recently about how he started out in the dark art of wheelbuilding.

Made in Yorkshire

Arthur Caygill


Arthur Caygill has been riding and producing bikes in the Dales town of Richmond for many years. 
With a selection of materials: carbon; steel; steel with carbon fork; and a variety of steel types, these frames are measured to you and built to last a lifetime. 
We took a trip along to his Richmond shop and workshop, sharing a coffee, stories of cycling and what it means to build a real bike. Framebuilder Steve shared his passion for bringing these wonderful machines to life. This article covers our visit and should encourage you to pop along yourself and see how things are done when bike frame are 'Made in Yorkshire!'

Made in Yorkshire

Sutton Bank Bikes and Pace Cycles

We visited Adrian Carter and the team at their new store based at the National Park Visitor Centre. Being on the edge of the National Park, the shop is ideally placed for cyclists on both the road and the trails.

Adrian and the team are developing cycling facilities in the area, in conjunction with the North Yorks Moors team and have already created some great trails.

We also took a look at the new Pace steel hardtail - review of which will follow shortly.

Open Borders

RideCzech MTB Holidays

Rideczech is owned and run by Jody and Martina Hamilton and is based in the far east of the CzechRepublic in a little town called Jablunkov. With the Polish and Slovakian borders a short ride away, the Rideczech house is nestled in the valley with mountains to 3 sides and the town centre, a 10 minute walk away. All rides start and finish at the house…so no hassles with transport…just kit up and ride off.
Jody moved out to the Czech Replublic a few years ago now, and this article shows exactly what he and Martina have been up. If you fancy a trip to Europe on the bike, then here's a great alternative to the crowded areas of the main Alps resorts.  

Expanding Horizon's 


'Life's for the living ...' is now into its second year and it continues to grow. This article explores the theme of 'expanding horizons' generally, giving a very personal perspective before leading into how the website itself will be expanding in 2014. 




A winter ride in Wharfdale

Garry  gives an entertaining account of a mid life crisis ride in wintry Wharfdale.

Snow, rain, hail, high winds, steep hills - sheep and more sheep. 

It's a good lesson in preparing for a ride and knowing your limits - in all conditions!

Developing a c2c mtb route


Rob Thorpe tells how the new mtb c2c route came into being and how it was developed.

The route is now completed and available as a map from Harvey Maps. The team at are in the process finalising the guidebook.

Whilst other coast to routes exist, Rob writes how this route was put together with an emphasis on great trails, even if it took a few dips down on occasions. 

For a detailed look at the route, visit the link from the  navigation bar at the top of the site.