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Thanks to you guys, pedalnorth is continuing to grow. Lifecycle is a big part of our plans going forward, exploring what cycling means to people the world over. In 2018 we want to do more about Health, Lifestyle and being stylish too, so we're working closely with French brand G4 Dimension


We've also increased our great stable of writers from all over the world, growing all the time; Jocelyn from Chile joining Susan in this amazing country; Daniel and Ernest in Spain, and Davide in Italy, with the stylish Franchelina wherever she lands on her adventures in life!

Triathlon will also be a focus for us this year, with Daniel being a coach in tri, Stephanie in California and Luciana in Brazil writing for us. And we're really proud to be a truly representative website, with just cycists writing for us and writing about everything and everyone in equal measure.

We really hope that you guys will continue to enjoy in 2018. So flick down the list of new articles as it develops and enjoy. 

the team 




Luciana Prados: Reflecting on 2017 & Looking to 2018

Our Brazilian triathlete,Luciana takes a detailed look at the challenges she undertookin 2017, and how they've prepared her for more challenges this year


Lifestyle: Women in Sport

Women in Sport, Jocelyn Retamal E.

Jocelyn Retamal from Chile examines how women are still percieved in sport,and the journey that they've taken over centuries to get recognition and equality in sport.

Global Cycling

Egypt & Venezuala

Franchelina Corrales: Finding My Spiritual Self

Our new Health & Lifestyle section is coming together well. One of the tean, Franchelina, currently in Egypt, opens up about her own cycling spirituality and the important things in life.

Global Cycling


Return to the Picos de Europa

Our good friend, Enduro rider and guest blogger, Laura Celdrans, recently went on a multi day mtb adventure in the beautiful Picos mountains in Northen Spain. Renowned as probably the most spectaculalry scenic mounatins in Europe, it's a cycling paradise on road and trail. Read Laura's account here.

Health &


Cycle Commuting and Cyle Safety

Guest writer, Amanda Wilkes writes about cycling community, taking a well rounded global view, with some useful advice wherever you ride.

Global Cycling


Road Cycling in the Cevennes

A great cycle tour in Southern France, from our global cycling editors Grant and Emma. Some wonderful scenery and tough climbs, but a great few days on two wheels.

Health & Lifestyle

Sofia Cycling Smoothies

Take a look at some sensational smoothies from our lifestyle writer Sofia

North America

Valentina Chacin

As we expand the team in North America, it's time to meet Valentina Chacin from Miami

Health & Beauty

Protecting Your Skin - Ride Skincare

Larisa takes a look at the products available to protect your skin from the sun and elements when cycling

Colombia Cycling

Behind the Scenes at Kafitt Sports

Our Colombia writer Luisa went along to see behind the scenes at stylish clothing brand Kafitt.

Have  a read about this up and coming Colombian brand, and see why Luisa talks so highly about them.

Chile Cycling

Grand Fondo Portillo

Our Chilean cycling blogger Susan takes you up one of the great road climbs globally, with twisting switchbacks to test the best, and amazing views to last a lifetime. 

City Cycling


Sharing Urban Space

Our editor, Robert, recently visited the South of France,and was impressed with how cycling is part of everyday life in the cities. Take a look at Grenoble and Montpellier in his article on sharing urban spaces.

Global Cycling


Cycling in Instanbul

Our Italian in Instanbul, Luca, takes you on a tour of several cycling routes that explore this amazing place that sits across continents

Colombia Cycling

Alto de Letras

Colombian climber Vanessa Jimenez rides up the longest road climb in the world,cycling through the beautiful Colombian mountains

Global Cycling Norway

Norway MTB

Norwegian mtb blogger, Jostein Borresen writes briefly about the mtb scene in Norway. If you've never thought about a trip to Norway, then read on...


Colombia Cycling

Chicamocha Canyon

Vanessa Jimenez writes about this beautiful climbers route, that takes you through amazing scenery in the South American mountains.


Health & Fitness

My Health

We're a close group of writers here at pedalnorth, and become friends with all on the team; so it was awful recently when our Brasilian writer Suely was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. Thankfully Suely is on the mend and wanted to share her account with us all.


Time for TORQ

Editor Robert takes a look at this fitness products brand, and finds it a pleasant surprise. Maybe it's time to change the Robinsons fruit squash.


Cycling Smoothies

Cycling Smoothies by Sofia

Our assistant Instagram editor, Sofia, shares some of her healthy lifestyle secrets, with great fresh fruit smoothies...


Cycling in Panama

Cycling in Panama

Globally, cycling is growing at an enormous rate, with groups being formed to share this wonderful activity. Our writers live in all corners of the world, so we asked Kathia from Panama to tell us all about the rise in cycling in her own country. Read her article here...

24 hrs in Zolder

Mary Wilke: My emotional rollercoaster in Zolder

Our German cycling star Mary has been on form this year. Entering another 24 hour event, she really went for it this year, and came out on top. However, these events are not easily won. Read her account here...


Kasia Niewiadoma Interview

Kasia Niewiadoma Interview

Kasia Niewiadoma is heading to the top of world cycling. This amazing cyclist from Poland has the nicest smile in world cycling, and has had a great start to 2017. We caught up with her after stage 4 of the Tour of Britain at Chesterfield ...


Suely Abreu, Brazil

Cycling fitness: Suely Abreu, Brazil

Brazilian cyclist and fitness fan Suely is keen to ensure that she gets the most out of her cycling lifestyle. Fitness is key to a good balance in life, and in this article Suely writes about how she found her balance.

Luciana Prado, Brazil

My first triathlon Olympic: Luciana Prado

The day of my first Olympic triathlon arrived and it was incredible; I enjoyed every kilometer and now I'm going to tell you a little bit of that experience for you.


Luisa Barrios

Bi-Port Colombia

Luisa Barrios is a stylish cyclist and graphic artist from Colombia. When she needed an idea to help to store her bikes, Luisa came up with these funky boards...

Vanessa Jimenez, Colombia

A Cycling Passion

Our Colombian cyclist and blogger, Vanessa Jimenez, writes from the soul about how cycling has taken over her every thought. A passion that envelopes every moment and every part of her.

Luisa Barrios, Colombia

Saved by the Bicycle

New Colombian blogger Luisa writes about how becoming a cyclist added something to her life, opening up a new vision and healthier outlook

Linn Royne Norway 

Meet Linn Royne - XC Rider and Blogger 

As we expand our global cycling section, we're joined by Norwegian blogger and mountain biker, Linn Royne. We're really excited to be able to give our readers even more information from this great biking country. 

Kate Courtney mtb champion USA

Kate Courtney Interview - USA U23 mtb xc champion

Our new writer and interviewer, Millie Citton, recently interviewed American U23 mtb champion, Kate Courtney. Kate is def on the road to being a force in world mountain biking. Read the interview here

BellowCyclist Caps

BelloCyclist Caps - Interview by Millie Citton

Our Italian writer is a keen style queen on the bike, so it's only right that she speaks to a few brands about their inspiration and great designs. Read her interview with the team at BelloCyclist caps...


Global Cycling Routes, Northen Spain

Sant Celino, Turo del Home, Spain

Borja and Julie guide you up a classic northern Spain mountain road climb. with superb views to make the challenge memorable

Securing Your Fitness 

Securing Your Fitness - David West

Our Florida based writer writes about this crucial part of any cycling lifestyle - fitness. Click the link to read more...

A Day in the Life of a Triathlete

A Day in the Life of a Triathlete - Stephanie DeSanti

Californian girl and triathlete gives a breakdown of her schedule and how she fits training into her lifestyle each and every day...

Meet the Hermonator

Meet the Hermonator

Derek Hermon from Bear Valler Bikes in California has joined our team of global writers. Read a little about this mountain biking dude here. 

MyTraining Regime - Luprodos

My Training Regime - Luciana Prados

Brasilian triathlete Luciana outlines her weekly training regime, showing the dedication and passion that she has for this great sport



Cycling Centre


1Rebel Cycling Centre, London

London based writer Gosia went along to this new venue to check out the facilities, whilst attending the launch of a new cycling brand recently. Read what she thought about it here...


Nakeid Sportwear Launch London

Nakeid Sportwear Launch  -  London 2017

We sent our writer, Gosia along to a spin session at 1Rebel in London, to meet the founder of this new and stylish brand, and to see the people who are behind it. The UK based clothing scene is a bit saturated at the moment, so what is it that makes Nakeid stand out? Read on and see...


Markus Fritz


Meet Markus Fritz - Amateur Triathlete from Germany: 'My Passion'

Markus is a guy like all of you; living a normal life, but with a passion for cycling and for triathlon. Read about him here, then follow his blogs as he writes for  us here at about his cycling and triathlon lifestyle.

Laura Celdran Subiela

'My Recovery'

Laura Celdran Subiela: My Recovery Journey

Laura is a good friend of the team here at pedalnorth, riding enduro and freeride in Spain. Having recently broken her collar bone again,  we follow her road to recovery.


My Triathlon Journey

Luciana Prado

My Triathlon Journey

New blogger from Brazil, Luciana Prado, writes about starting her triathlon journey, as an introduction to her new blog about her training, events and cycling during 2017 and beyond. Triathlon is a big theme for us in 2017, so take a read of this article...

Why We Ride Series

Why We Ride: Florida's North-East Coast

One of our American bloggers, David West writes about the great off road riding to be found in the sunshine state

Why We Ride series

Why We Ride, Canada

We examine why people ride around the globe, starting with our Canadian writers Dave and Jenna. Have a read and then tell us why you ride...

Back to Basics

Back to Basics

Cycling clubs editor Helen, takes on a mountain bike skills training session, learning the tricks of the trade for the trail...

Valmont CX Racing

Valmont - CX Racing, Erik De Rosa

5:30am always seems to come much earlier on race day and last Saturday was no exception. That's because it was the start of my 2016 cyclocross season at the famed Valmont Bike Park in Boulder, Colorado. Valmont is a special venue for me as it is where my coach won the 2014 Masters National Championship.

Helvelyn ladies mtb

Jenny Nuttall: Helvelyn Summer Ride 2016

The experience of riding mountain bikes with other women is something quite special. I love riding with the boys, I love riding in mixed groups, but there is something about riding with other women, that feels inspiring. 

Debbie Bradley


Debbie Bradley: Duathlete

Over the last few weeks things have finally started to click into place for me. I feel strong, I feel focused and I feel confident I'm going to end the season on a high.  But most importantly determined to put the disappointment of the start of this year behind me.

Karen M Edwards Photographer 

Karen M Edwards, Cycling Photographer

If you do one thing today, then read this interview with amazingly talented cycling photographer Karen M Edwards. Her images are inspirational and get the heart of what it means to be a cyclist

Being Complete

Sexism in Cycling

Being Complete: Allowing women to be seen as just cyclists

Whether we like like or not, unconscious sexism still exists in areas of cycling; even in the way that women are looked at as cyclists. It's up to us to tackle the conscious and unconscious sexism still further, allowing women to be free to be...well, simply female cyclists - no more, no less.  

click the image to read more of this article

Stephanie DeSanti New Horizons

New Horizons

Stephanie examines how her life has changed for the better, with sport and cycling at the heart of it. In doing so, she hopes to inspire our readers to take to two wheels ... or two feet as triathletes! smiley

click the image to read more of this article



Cry Freedom

The Great Debate: Bikes versus Walkers

I recently learned that on the famous Kinder Scout Mass Trespass some 84 years ago, cyclists also went along to campaign for greater access. How then did we arrive a situation where such conflict exists between ramblers and mountain bikers...

click the image to read more ...

Mary Wilke


Introducing... Maria Wilke, Global Cycling Writer, Germany

Joining our team of European writers is Maria from Germany. A lover of the big climbs and alpine passes, Maria will be writing about German and Swiss cycling lifestyles, and her own adventures, such as her recent 24 hour race, where she came 4th!

click the image to read more about Maria...


De Santi


Introducing... Stephanie De Santi, Global Cycling Writer, USA

We've been joined recently by a few new members of the team. Time then to introduce them, starting with Californian cyclist and triathlete, Stephanie De Santi. Stephanie will be telling you all about her adventures, on two wheels and two feet :-) reviewing gear for us, and exploring what cycling means to different people.

click the image to read more ...

Susan Barraza


The Challenge of the Messenger

Chilean cyclist Susan is always seeking new adventures. Read how she got on during this classic South American desert race.

click the image on the left to read more ...


Lindsey Walker

'The Curly Cyclist'

The Dead End

Lindsey Walker explores adventure and the freedom of seeking it out.

click the image on the left to read more ...

Ladies Cycling - Les Filles Race Team 

Les Filles Ladies Race Team

With everything happening in terms of ladies cycling at the moment, here's a great ladies amateur team riding in the Tour de Yorkshire for 2016. Helen Ralston tells us all about them.

click the image on the left to read more ...

Lindsey Walker 


A ride with a view

Lindsey Walker writes about the visual benefits of getting out riding in Europe, with a great article about her own riding in Girona

click the image on the left to read more ...

Todmorden Ad-Hoc MTB

So good we rode it twice! 

Legendary Singletrack editor Chipps, organised an informal gathering at Todmorden for Easter, supporting the local flood relief. The least that we could do was to pop over and ride a few trails. It turned out to be a fantastic trip. 

Valle Nevado, Chile

Valle Nevado, Chile

Susan recently took a spin up the epic mountain road climb of Valle Nevado, on the edge of Santaigo. Take a look at the route by clicking here, and read her advice for riding it. 

click the image on the left to read more ...

Ladies Cycling Apparel

New Range for Ladies from Queen of the Mountains

Deputy editor Helen took a visit to a new brand recently, and discovered that the market for ladies cycling clothing is finally opening up with some real designs, for ladies by ladies

click the image on the left to read more ...


Local Bike Shop Series

Chevin Cycles, Otley Store

Otley based Chevin Cycles are one of those stores that's totally embedded into the community. When the community includes World Champion, Lizzie Armitstead, and the renowned local cycling club, then that means something.

Click the image on the left to read more ...

Editorial February 2016

Finding My Silver Lining

I saw a blue sky recently. It's been one of those long winters where you don't see too many.

Packing the bike, I headed for Nidderdale ... only to be met by wind and sleet on arrival!

click the image on the left to read more ...

NEOS Partner Blog


A very simple concept, but one often difficult to attain. Lindsey writes about contentment from her own perspective ... and of course, it involves cycling. 

click the image on the left to read more ...

Global Cycling - Europe

Cycling in Europe - A Few Cultural Differences

Grant Willams and his opartner Emma Tang love to explore by bike. Really explore, taking in the great mountain areas of Europe on their travels. Read about Grant's thoights regarding european cycling by clicking here

click the image on the left to read more ...



Editorial January 2016 - A Metric 100

It was time to really get the cranks turning. My cousin, Ian, had inspired me with a recent article, so all that remained was some work by me...If I was to get one a month for 2016, I'd better srtat now

click the image on the left to read more ...



Editorial January 2016 - The First Ride

Admit it, it's a struggle to get motivated after the long Christmas and New Year break. Editor, Robert Thorpe writes about his own thoughts on getting the cranks turning once more 

click the image on the left to read more ...

Global Cycling - Norway

Jostein Borresen - Enduro

Norwegian Enduro rider Jostein tells us all about his own cycling life in Norway, and trips further afield to Spain

click the image on the left to read more ...


Sally Hurst Interview

Interview with Sally Hurst

Paracyclist Sally Hurst is truly inspirational. We recently spoke to this amazing lady and asked her all about her cycling story

click the image on the left to read more 


Moroccan Road Trip Day 4

Moroccan Road Trip Day 4

It's day 4 of the Moroccan Road Trip for deputy editor Helen Harris. More mountain scenes and roads to climb! 

click the image on the left to read more 


Global Cycling - Marion Villette

Marion Villette - In The Beginning

French cyclist Marion continues her adventures on the bike, pursuing the dream of Mont Ventoux with some serious miles. 

NEOS Partner Blog

Lindsey Walker - Transforming your cycle commute  into a training ride

Partner write from NEOS, Lindsey Walker explains how to transform your commute ride into something more valuable for your overall cycling fitness.

click the image on the left to read more ...

Local Bike Shops - SeaBass 

Local Bike Shops - SeaBass Cycles London 

Lindsey also visited SeaBass Cycles in London last year, talking about how they came about and their place as a local bike shop in the community

click the image on the left to read more ...

Leah Fullerton Brand Ambassador

Leah Fullerton - Global Cycling

Leah joined the team here at this year! She's a great cyclist and brand ambassador, helping to pomote ladies cycling.

Read her account of becoming a brand ambassador and what it means. 

Click the image to the left to read the article. 

Leah on Cycling

Leah on Cycling

Global Cycling writer, Leah Fullerton, tells us why she rides, where and who with. The sun shines a lot more in Oz, so she's making the rest of the team jealous already

Click the image to the left to read the article

Global Cycling France

Road to Adventure

Marion Villette is like you and, just an ordinary person who decided to ride a bike. She's currently challenging herself to ride up Mont Ventoux in 2016

Global Cycling France

Mont Ventoux Challenge

Marion Villette accounts how watching others climb Mont Ventoux inspired her to take up the challenge. 

Her account simply shows that we can all take on something new. 

12 Tonne Challenge 

Fancy a 12 Tonne Challenge for 2016!

New staff writer Ian Nuttney took on a 12 tonne challenge for 2015. Always a good target for any cyclist with a busy life, trying to get out as often as they can.  Read how he got on with the first 6 rides...

click the image on the left to read more

Rio around the corner 

Aline Simoes Interview

In order to promote Rio 2016, we're interviewing up and coming riders from around the globe. We start things off with Focus XC rider from Brazil, Aline Simoes. Read it by clicking the image to the right. 

Cycling in Morocco

Morocco Cycling Adventure

New ladies cycling deputy editor, Helen Harris, recently travelled to Morocco on a cycling adventre. Read her acount here

Morocco Day Two

Morocco Cycling Day Two 

It's day two of Helen's account of her recent cycling trip to North Africa and Morooco.

Click the imge left to read more ...

Morocco Day Three

Morocco Cycling Day Three

Helen continues to explore the high hills and mountains of this North African country

Click the image left to read more ...

Geoffroy Lequatre - G4 Dimension

Geoffroy Lequatre Interview

Geoffroy Lequatre is more than simply an interesting character. He is a former professional cyclist (3 x TdF rider) – a man of steel and mental toughness. Furthermore, he’s a former Tour of Britain winner from 2008, at a time when British Cycling was really coming to the fore.

Pedalling North Day 3 

Pedalling North - Day 3 

Helen Harris takes a trip into Nidderdale with editor Rob, discovering the hidden beauty of this superb cycling location 

Pedalling North - Day 2

Pedalling North - Day 2

Helen Harris takes on an epic day 2 in her first cycle touring trip, getting GPX'd and wet along the way!

Cycling Greats - Vincenzo Nibali

Modern Cycling Greats - Vincenzo Nibali

As the 2015 Grand Tours begin, with the Giro D'Italia, we interviewed the Italian cycling master, and asked him about his life in cycling, and how it all begin. 

Special Cycling Places

Special Cycling Places

Editor, Rob Thorpe, explores those secret gems that we all love to ride, and that we keep for our cycling solitude or for rides with close friends. 

Tour de Sapper 2015

Tour de Sapper

The Royal Engineers are a proud Corps within the British Army. These guys have served all over the globe, over the centuries, to protect our freedoms. Every year, a group of them get together, have a few beers and go on a great bike ride from Leeds. Our news editor, Garry is one such guy...and he invited the editor along for the ride!

Pedalling North - Cycle Touring to Yorkshire

Pedalling North - Cycle Touring

Our Cambridgeshire writer, Helen, took a few days for a trip on her bike to Harrogate and then into Nidderdale. Read about day one here. 

Further articles will follow...

Hartside Duathlon for the First Time

Hartside Duathlon

Zoe Wilson writes about her first duathlon event, tackling Hartside Fell - no easy feat for anyone. If you're looking for inspiration, then read on...

click the image on the right to access article

Here Come The Girls

Here Come the Girls!

Helen Harris explores the development of cycling accessibility for women in her area of the country and beyond. In doing so, she shows how things are evolving to support this growing band of cycling sisters!

In Praise of Winter Nights

Year-round, Clock-round Adventure.

Routes Editor Norman Hadley goes on a wild 'n' snowy excursion to Gatesgarth Pass in the dark depths of winter and muses on Eating the Whole Banquet.

Video Killed the Radio Star


Press pause for social interaction

A short but philosophical look at how we use modern mobile phone apps and the dangers it poses to social interaction

Developing a c2c mtb route


Rob Thorpe tells how the new mtb c2c route came into being and how it was developed.

The route is now completed and available as a map from Harvey Maps. The team at are in the process finalising the guidebook. Whilst other coast to routes exist, Rob writes how this route was put together with an emphasis on great trails, even if it took a few dips down on occasions. 

For a detailed look at the route, visit the link from the  navigation bar at the top of the site.