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Lindsey Walker - Contentment

As raindrops fell upon the windows, drop by drop. The wind grew louder and the birds slowly disappeared into the thick grey clouds. I suppose they were looking for something better than this. After all, who wants to be outside during weather like this? But out of the corner of my eye, I spotted something. My trusty Rapha gilet. Still folded and untouched from landing back in the UK.

The Rapha gilet had kept me going through endless miles. We may not see rain very often but Catalunya is notoriously windy and heck, this gilet put up one hell of a fight. But it reminded me of something. It reminded me of the promise I had made to myself while on the last ride before travelling to the UK. The promise was to continue to ride to my heart’s content. I was feeling the best I had ever felt on the last ride, putting in efforts and not even batting an eyelid over climbs (though I felt every push going over them). 

I wanted to get back to Girona with that same determination and level of fitness. I wanted to prove to myself and everyone around me that I can continuously train and get better each ride, instead of just talking about it.

That passion had stayed with me – until I arrived at Stanstead Airport. Oh, what a glorious sight. Rain nonstop and winds to knock you off your feet. So each day I stayed at home, PJs on, laptop to hand and chocolates of all kinds. But I continued to tell myself ‘I must ride my bike… I must ride my bike’. That was until the excuses came in, thick and thin. I was beginning to slip into that endless circle of wanting to be on my bike but thinking of 101 reasons why it wasn’t a good idea.

It’s raining, I have things to do, I’ll go tomorrow – you know. The usual.

But sitting inside on Christmas Day and noticing my unpacked suitcase full of kit I decided enough was enough. In the pouring rain and strong winds I ventured out alone. I forbid any setting of how long or how far I would ride. It was enough just to spin the legs and inhale cold, fresh air. It was enough to clear my mind of any negativity and it was enough to feel myself again.

Today reminded me that it’s days like this, the days where the elements are against you, that you truly take away so much more from your rides. You accomplish something which many may never attempt and you fought through your reservations to do what you love to do the most and fulfil a promise to yourself and that’s ride to your heart’s content.