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Lindsey Walker - The Curly Cyclist

Lindsey Walker - The Curly Cyclist 

Lindsey is a new member to the pedalnorth team for 2016 and a great addition. A talented writer, cyclist and social media blogger, Lindsey will be writing about all things cycling and doing some reviews along the way.

You can also access her own website by following the link below

Lindsey also writes on the NEOS Group website, blogging about her cycling life. Click the link below to read her NEOS blog

If you'd like to follow Lindsey on Instagram, then simply click the Instagram logo 

Anway, it's time to meet Lindsey, so here's her own bio for you ...

I created my own blog and website with the intention of exploring the cycling world as a keen cyclist. But as I go deeper into the cycling world I’ve realised there’s a whole lot more. I will continue to post my journey as cyclist, with product reviews, training tips and tricks and much, much more over on the NEOS Cycling website. Neos is a new development, working towards bringing people closer to their independent bike shops and new and unique brands. It’s exciting and I am glad to be a part of it. So head over there to find out more!

As for, you will find my recent projects within the cycling world. I hope to shed some light on pro cycling, the good, the bad and the ugly, cycling history, behind the scenes stories and interviews with the past, present and future of cycling. After all, Cycling is not just a sport, it’s a way of life and it would be a crime not to document it along the way.

Pedalnorth is another opportunity for me to expand my readership and to explore what cycling is around the world. 

A ride with a view

Lindsey Walker writes about the visual benefits of getting out riding in Europe, with a great article about her own riding in Girona

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A very simple concept, but one often difficult to attain. Lindsey writes about contentment from her own perspective ... and of course, it involves cycling. 

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Lindsey Walker - Transforming your cycle commute  into a training ride

Partner write from NEOS, Lindsey Walker explains how to transfrom your commute ride into something more valuable for your overall cycling fitness.

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Local Bike Shops - SeaBass Cycles London 

Lindsey also visited SeaBass Cycles in London last year, talking about how they came about and their place as a local bike shop in the community

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