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Luciana Prados My Triathlon Training Regime

A year ago since I started learning, dedicating and surpassing myself every day. I say learning, because the training has also helped me to understand more about both the training and myself. The execution of good workouts, planned by professionals, food, rest and mind are the perfect set to help me to arrive at my goal; first the Olympic distance triathlon, and then the Ironman 70.3!

I want this lifestyle forever, so I gradually conquer the challenges, to go further and always harder. My routine starts early - very early! I leave home at dawn to train; yes, normally I wake up at 4 o'clock in the morning, workout from 5am at 8:30am and then I'm ready to work, I love to start my days like this!

The training worksheet is separated as follows:

Monday       Running and Strength training
Tuesday       Cycling and swimming     
Wednesday Running and Strength training
Thursday     Cycling and swimming
Friday          Off
Saturday long training, where we do mock tests or transition training!
Sunday is a long cycling practice, usually we go for some road and we do around of 80 to 100km, without forcing much.

For running training, we do educational training to improve the tread, posture and pace. It's important to get technique right, and well as strength and stamina.


The first Photo is a before and after, a diference of posture and step after I started to do the training

For our cycling we train short routes for speed, climbs, skills and distances along the beautiful roads through Brazil.

For my swimming, I train twice a week in a pool and once in the sea or dam; it's important because it has a lot of difference, and this helps me to prepare for any type of course.

I always say that in triathlon, it doesn't only matter where you are in the finish line in a race, but the whole trajectory traced to get there. Training can be hard, it can be tough, and it requires and gives you dedication; but the rewards are not just physical.

Excited to start? Tell me about your routine, your training and let's go on this journey together!