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Luciana Prados - Reflections and Looking Ahead

Goals and achievements 2017: Ready for 2018?

I remember as if it was yesterday, January 2017 I was anxiously defining with my coaches the goals for the courses of the year. I selected tests to do during the year that they would challenge me a lot, physically and mentally, even knowing the difficulties I never thought to give up.

I started the year doing some short distance races training for the triathlon, but in May I started the biggest challenges; I did my first 80km international cycling event, the GFNY Championship NYC! GFNY is a great success.

With impeccable organization and 2 routes that cater for all levels of cyclists, 80km and 160km, this is a unique opportunity to take a test and to enjoy a weekend in the "capital of the world".


Total distance
Granfondo, 160 KM (100 miles)
Medium, 80 KM (50 miles)

Total elevation
Granfondo, 2,800 m
Medium, 900 m

Upon returning to Brazil I had a 21k race, it was incredible, and I felt more and more sure that I could go further. Time to do it then!

The Létape Tour - France test was not on the year's test sheet, but unforeseen events occur and one person convinced me to do it. I had only two months to dedicate myself to intense climbing training to face the French Alps.

On July 12, 2017 I arrived in Briançon - France, a beautiful city, extremely organized and prepared to receive cyclists from all over the world. It really was an incredible feeling,with a wonderfully exciting atmosphere. France is a very special place,and it was very exciting.

Three days before the race we climbed the Alps D'Huez, a truly incredible place, with exceptionally hard climbs and the feeling of gratitude on every every kilometer - all hard earned by the rider.

The Létape Tour is a milestone in my life, a great achievement and a fulfillment of a dream.  There were 181Km of enjoyment, enjoying the test, my thoughts, that place beautiful and surpassing myself. I cried, laughed and thanked God for every moment. It was something to remain with me always - wow.

L'etape of the 2017 tour started  from Briançon, passed by Col de Vars (2,109 meters) and finished at Col d'Izoard (at 2,360 meters). Sensational and unforgettable. Names that create special feelings for the cyclist.

Back in Brazil and with the experience of participating in one of the most traditional cycling events in the world, it was time to focus on my biggest challenge of the year: the Ironman 70.3 in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.

Swimming was always my biggest challenge; two years ago I did not know how to swim, and I still feel afraid of swimming in open water, but my will to overcome surpasses everything.

I swam, I pedaled and I ran, and I gave my all and I tried my best for this long distance race. I took the risk of accepting the invitation to participate in L'Etape Brazil a week before the Ironman 70.3, because I needed to rest; but the passion for cycling made me risk it. I went, and I did the half way with 54km and I came third in the category - super happy! It was a beautiful and exciting race, and I felt very good climbing the beautiful mountains of Cunha city.

7 days later and there I was for my biggest challenge, the Ironman 70.3 (1,900m swimming, 90km cycling and 21k running)!

It was another sensational event, and it was beautiful day. I swam without fear, I pedaled taking the test and I suffered during the race; my knee hurt a lot during the race, but I dug deep and concentrated, trying to forget the pain and I completed the race. I was so proud ofmyself, knowing that this was what triathlon was all about - overcoming great challenges.

It's not just the finish line that matters, but the whole trajectory to it. Each training session is a surpassing, a dedication, each time getting to know more and conquering its objectives.

And to close the year of tests, successes and achievements, I was in third place in the podium Gear Up - in São Paulo, a 40km race of cycling.


2017 a year full of challenges, achievements and the certainty that I want more of. I already have my new goals for 2018 and you? Have you planned your goals for 2018?

I want to know, so visit and tell me here, at my instagram  account @luprados

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Let's all make 2018 a year of special personal challenges!