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Lucy Gardner Fierlan

Ladies cycling is in resurgence at the moment. The general cycling scene has often ignored this area of our sport, with most products squarely aimed at the men. Take a look at any online store, or even the local bike shop – see what I mean. However, things are changing and brands are coming onto the market, specifically aimed at producing high quality clothing for women. Our stylish snapper and rider, Zoe, took time out to speak with Fierlan Cycling founder, Lucy Gardner, and question her on a variety of aspects of the brand – Fierlan; to basically gain an understanding of what Fierlan offers to the ladies of the cycling world and how she has brought the brand alive with innovative design features and details.

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Fierlan was founded in Bristol in 2013 by Lucy Gardner, a young lady who has been cycling from a very young age and competing during her teenage years. She has a degree in performance sportswear and designed the Fierlan ladies range as part of her ongoing study. Lucy then completed a business course to understand the dynamics of business ownership and creating her own brand. Key to the brand from the start was an emphasis on quality and design. This was to be a brand that would capture attention through its style and performance – never an easy task for cycling clothing, but something that Fierlan has achieved. 

At an early stage in her business studies Lucy won an award: "Lycra future designers" at the WGSN global fashion awards with her high performance, comfortable and flattering range of clothing, that gave her an insight into the clothing industry and what she wanted to achieve. To often the cycling clothing available does nothing to encourage women to take to lycra - espcially when the focus of design is skewed away from stylish to purely functional...and drab. Fierlan wants to be different; it wants to be that brand that not only keeps you comfortable, but also the brand that you want to wear because of the style, the quality, and the overall feel - come on ladies, you know this makes sense.

Since these early days, she has created a beautiful spring summer range for 2015, tried and tested by 4 riders (including myself) out in beautiful Majorca - Europe's centre of cycling excellence! Kit that has also performed superbly in the beautiful Lake District, where the weather and hills can prove a real test for any product - I know, I live there! Along with the team at Fierlan, Lucy is now planning a more extensive range for spring/ summer 2016 and a slightly smaller range for winter 2015 which is all very exciting for us girls!!! 

Lucy works in conjunction with a global distribution company: NEOS which is a fantastic support network for distributing the brand on a bigger scale. NEOS produces a harmonising vision to combine online purchases with local bike stores all over the country and the website is now live.

We hope this gives you some insight into Lucy's background, her drive and company ethos, and how she has transformed the Fierlan brand in a very short timeframe, into a beautiful, technically sound range for the women of cycling! 

I’ve been testing Fierlan all year long, and can say that there is a brand out there that concentrates us us ladies - and that's made and produced in Britain - it's called Fierlan, and it's fast embedding itself at the heart of the ladies cycling scene. You'll you’ll be able to read the detailed kit reviews on our ‘kit we like’ over the next few weeks. In the meantime, take a look at their website and join the ladies cycling revolution!