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Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes need to be good and strong and reliable.

You'll give them some hard tasks to do and throw them at some tough trails, so getting the right bike is critical.

We've picked out a few great mountain bikes that we feel with give you a grin on the trails. 

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Cotic BFE

Cotic are a brand that everyone should love. Truly independent, they make bikes born for XC riding. Read what Mark Hughes thinks...

Genesis Caribou Fat Bike 

Fat Bikes are in these days. We take a look at the Genesis version and see how it rides

Orange P7 Hardtail

The Orange P7 is a classic of XC and trail riding. It's all the bike you'll ever need. 

We tested it some time ago and loved it of course. So will will you...

Santa Cruz Blur

Another classic -this time from the USA. The Blur is a born trail bike that will blend with you and take you to the dge and back again...

Yeti Arc Carbon Hardtail

Yeti have followed their tradition here, producing a bike that wants to race. Ideally sorted to the North of England, this is a brilliant trail bike. 

Cube Stereo Race 

When you're riding all day - literally - one of the most important issues is the balance between weight and finishing kit. The overall package of the Stereo Race has this covered, with a bike weighing it at around 12.9 kg. It has a well structured geometry, which for the rider means a comfortable all day ride, with a long riding position due to the seat angle, giving you room to move around. I like to remain seated when climbing and the Stereo feels just right for this, with the front end holding out, whilst the rear wheel does the digging in to propel you to the top.

Cube AMS 110

The Cube AMS 110 is a pure XC machine, that also feels relatively comfortable on the wilder trails. We've even taken it down the Garburn Pass and the Three Passes route in Kentmere, and it stood up to the test. In essence this bike we like - but the tyres could be better unfortunately. However, everything else about the bike is good, with excellent attention to detail and finishing.

Kona Cindercone 

Yep it's still around folks - the legend that is the Cindercone. This classic mid-range hardtail from Kona is still a force to be reckoned with.  I've ridden two or three different Cindercone's over the years and the geometry of the bike stays as reliable as ever.It climbs well and holds it's own by cutting into the trail as you descend, with the low slung top tube allowing plenty of room for rider movement.

Intense Tracer

No, the question that interests me is - “does this bike get me up and down stuff I couldn't manage on an inferior machine?” or, even more to the point, “does this machine feel like an extension of my body?”

With the Tracer, the short answers are “Yes” and “Yes”. The bike handled steppy sections, both up and down, with aplomb. Actually, we can’t help but get nerdy here because it’s mainly down to those bigger wheels.


Pace RC127

When you look at the bike some of you will say that it’s an old style MTB. Yeah, maybe so,  but look closer - it’s been built by PACE specifically for the type of riding that we at Pedalnorth do. It's a traditional hardtail, built for traditional trail riding. It’s an all-rounder for the local terrain - singletrack and UK trail riding.

Yeti 575 Trail Bike

Yeti Bikes are a brand synonymous with hard core frames and the 575 is the epitome of the range. If you’re a normal sort of rider, with commitments elsewhere, meaning that you can have only one mountain bike, then the 575 could just be the bike for you.

Yeti SB6 C Full Sus

Prepare yourself - this bike wants to take you on a journey, and it'll leave you with a grin to last a lifetime. 

If you're after excitement, then this is the bike with you. It'll rattle along all manner of trail and keep you fixed to the line. All that's left if for you to provide the skills. 


Empire MX Evo 6

Trusting a bike is a personal but necessary thing. You just know when you trust a bike to get you down that steep descent, or up that rocky climb, after weeks of riding on different terrain and discussing with other riders, and with this bike the pros and cons were simple: 
•    5/5 for handling - nice and stiff when needed to be but also smooth where needed, in the corners it handled like a dream;
•    4/5 for looks - but hey, its not a beauty contest, it’s all about the ride.