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Nakeid Sportwear Launch London

Nakeid is a new kid on the block offering cycling and sports and  fitness clothing; their first collection for cycling and triathlon suits for Iron Star was launched in 2016 and presented at the London Bike show. They've already expanded, with new designs for the indoor cycling scene, which were launched in 1Rebel, London with a dedicated spin session.
The brand was inspired by Etape du Tour, when Elena Gromova, the founder of the brand competed in the event and decided to create a cycling apparel designed for female physique that would bring more feminine focus into predominantly masculine sports. Working alongside designer Lynnette Murphy and sports business consultant, Ironstar triathlon manager and founder, Vladimir Voloshin, the new designs came to life, in all of their style orientated colour. Nakeid founder, Elena Gromova is obviously a keen cyclist herself, but it was the people behind the brand that made me curious so I decided to check it out.

At the first glance the kit looks colourful, youthful, light and fresh. I love the pattern. It has a combination of fabrics and cuts, promising to compliment the body in motion. I would really have to test it to see how it behaves under the pressure. For now I have to trust Elena and believe it works. I can definitely spot some cycling and gym kit in the line up.  I don't know that much about triathlons, but I simply can't see a typical body suit used in those events.

I’ve always loved exercise. I grew up in a house with a gym and used it regularly.  My gym kit was very basic: sports bra, black leggings and a T-shirt.  Wearing make up in the gym was and still is a definite no no for me. I work hard and panda eyes after any tough workout is never a great look.

That was my other life before I got more into bikes. Even though I still don't wear make up when exercising it is where I really learnt the importance of great performance from my kit. Wow! Times have changed. A simple T-shirt doesn't work anymore. These days everyone wants to look and feel great. There are more and more women’s wear ranges being designed by women who understand our needs best and who know how our bodies work.

Looking at few ladies wearing Nakeid before, during and after the spin the kit is kind of sexy. It has mesh inserts taken straight out of evening wear, flattering stripes and panels and the design emphasises feminine curves. If feeling sexy gives them a motivation to exercise then it is a good thing. For me, I hope that fashion is not standing in the way of performance.

I left the class with a face looking bright red. I was totally finished. Some of the other ladies came out with make up still intact, kit still looking fresh. How?I will leave it to the fact that they had to be ready for the post workout photo session.

Hopefully, I'll get to test the range soon smiley

click the Nakeid logo to visit their new website and cycling range