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Norway MTB

Norway, got to love it !

Places to go with your bike in Norway - oh it’s a lot of places and this is definitely one of them.

Nesbyen is a town in Nes municipality in the county of Buskerud, Norway. Nes is the administrative center of Nes municipality. Nes is located in the traditional district of Hallingdal. Nesbyen has a population of about 3,500 inhabitants. It's located on the Bergen Line railroad, which runs between Oslo and Bergen.

Nesbyen Station was opened in 1907 when the Bergen Railway was opened to Gulsvik. To be precise, Nesbyen is located on Norwegian National Road 7.

Gamle Nes is the oldest part of Nesbyen. Nesbyen was an early administrative center for Hallingdal. Mainly buildings in Gamle Nes dated to before 1900.

The town of Nesbyen is surrounded by mountains on several sides, with good roads to most mountain areas. In this way, it's an ideal place for mountain biking. Hallingnatten is the municipality's highest point, 1,314 meters above sea level. You and I know as riders, that this is definitely high enough for some two wheeled fun.

Hallingdal Museum, founded in 1899 and one of the oldest open air museums in Norway, and is headquartered in Nesbyen. Hallingdal Museum is organized with professional, administrative and operational responsibility for the museums in Hallingdal.[1]  Nesbyen is listed as the location with the highest recorded temperature in Norway, with a record of 35.6°C. set on 20 June 1970.[2] In effect, what I'm saying is that this is a very old and traditional place. There's lots about our great country to discover between the bike rides - and good beer too!

Anyway,enough history, this is a marvellous place to go to for riding your bike. It's often early season in Nesbyen, especially on the east side of the valley, often in mid March month, in early Spring. There are trails on each side of the valley, but of course also long singletracks through epic forests that twist and turn and dive over rocks in the high mountains. The variety of riding is excellent for all types of rider. It's a definite grin fest.

Early each year they have a gathering called Trailcamp; lots of mountain and downhill bikers shows up and join in the fun. Mini buses with trailers are ready to shuttle you up to the top of the mountain. It really is a great time to be around the place, with a buzz in the air.

The locals has been building trails and tracks there for years, and they are really good. And the years to come will hopefully bring on more new things - trails combined with the Alpine resort, new pumpracks and activity areas. It's looking great for the future and will help to put our superb trails on the global map a bit more. Back to Trailcamp then, which begins on the 29th of April;  and then in May 20 its time for the 80/20 Enduro (official qualifier event), followed by 22nd of July and the Norwegian Championship in Downhill held locally.

If you do come along, you'll need to get yourself a place to sleep, and that’s easy. Quisten apartments is facilitated for biking people, with a bikewash, laundry for cleaning all that mucky trail clothing, safe storage for bikes and gear, wifi and a pump track and so on. It's been well thought out and has just what you need for a great stay.

You can order guided tours, shuttling on request, and the local sport shop has bikes for hire... MTB/Enduro.

After some hard trail action on the bike, it's afterbike time in the local PUB with locally made beer all in the same building. Micro Brewery GØTT, and of course good food to go with the beer. Tempted yet!

Only one thing left I guess - get your bike, get your room, lets go!