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From Norway to Spain - Adventures

So...I'm waiting for that bike; that brand new and recently ordered shiny "this year's best friend" to arrive. Just in time for the yearly trip to those dry dusty trails in Spain - and there it is, one week before departure. The all new Devinci Troy RR arrives. Of course I'm pleased; who wouldn't be - now for the trip!

Another riding excursion to Spain is always in order. Great weather and cool trails! Time then for a few guys from NBNL,  less then last year, but still enough for a good time, to get over and ride in the sun. We had planned some new routes and hopefully we were teaming up with some other guys from Norway. Sounds like a ball! 

The trails and singletracks in the area around Benidorm, Finestrat and Puig Campana are amazing , with so many nice routes and places to visit.The trails are funky, rough and the new Troy is just perfect for them; it climbs like a goat and it's more than burly enough to take on any steep and rocky spanish hillside. The only question is the rider - and I'm up for it - always. 

We meet up with the others from Norway. It's always fun when you get that small group together and just ride all day; dusty and sweaty climbing to faboulous views and burly descents that head straight down to the Tapas' joints and the pintas' to go with it - Mans got to eat! 

This year I even rented a road bike and went for a ride with the others. I have to say that it was a new experience, but great fun. It had two wheels, which is a great starting point. This is new to me, as I  always stick to the mountainbike that I love. However, as stated, it was fun going up those steap hillsides on perfect tarmac, serpentine after serpentine on that skinny bike. It's a different feeling on a road bike thats for sure.; decending those tight serpentines was a blast though! All in all it's not my last ride on a skinnybike - not with the descending speed.

Spain was for me though about Enduro, and that was where the real fun lay, kicking it out down the mountains and valleys in great weather with great friends. All too soon it was over and time to head home. 

The snow has finaly melted in Norway now, and our own singletracks are drying up and getting race ready. The season started in Nesbyen with burly singletracks and lots of happy people on the yearly Trail Camp. Great fun to try my new bike in more known 'local'trails and the surroundings of my backyard, it sure does deliver the goods - the season is on! And, so is Spain for next year. 

Pedal on guys!

Jostein Børresen‏ (Norway)