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Now Helmet Ladies XFLOW Helmet

NOW Helmet XFLOW MTB Helmet

We know the importance of cycling helmet, since when we started our activity as enthusiastic or professional in the sport. Currently we find a great variety in the market, and with so many offers, it is a bit difficult to decide the right purchase.

NOW Helmet, a company specialized in helmets, stand out with its distinctive design and perfect aerodynamics that gives us the safety and comfort we need during our workouts.

The front and rear openings allow the air to have a good circulation, perfect for the long period of heat that are common here in Brazil, especially when I make long kilometers at high altitudes. Besides the good variety of sizes: P, M and G all have rear, ear and chin adjustments for extra adjustments according to each head. This means that the fit is very good and very comfortable.It’s also impossible also not to mention its front visor, an excellent protection against tree branches that I encounter during the trails.

Another difference of the NOW Helmet is the inner foams fixed all along its edge, which provides more comfort in addition to promoting an excellent sweat absorption. NOW Helmet also sends spares along with your purchase, as spare foams can be removed for sanitization or being changed after natural wear and tear.

The helmets are produced with lightweight materials, which helps in absorbing possible impacts, ensuring greater safety in addition to comfort and better performance to the rider. It’s also a stylish and modern looking brand, that makes you feel like a rider. Added to the comfort, the air circulation and excellent fit and adjustment, this is a very good helmet indeed for the mountain bike trail rider, who will often generate heat and sweat during a workout.

Price-to-benefit ratio is spot on  in my mind, and it’s a mountain bike helmet you’ll get good use from, both on the lower faster trails and on a heavy workout in the mountains. And for women who also care about aesthetics, in addition to being safe, we will be beautiful and stylish too for the photos. NOW that’s worthwhile

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