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Nutritious and Delicious NRG Bite

Nutritious and Delicious NRG Bites are the brainchild of Matty Taylor, a 16 year old with a passion for nutrition and sport. Inspired by the success of his GCSE Food Technology project to create a product that could be sold in cafes and sports venues, Matty launched Nutritious and Delicious NRG Bites in September 2015. Since then Matty has received positive feedback on his product from some top athletes: Olympic 2012 silver medalist Samantha Murray; World U18 Triathlon Champion Emily Burton; and two-time Tour de France winner Chris Froome no less!

Nutritious and Delicious NRG Bites are a wholesome mix of nuts, seeds, dried fruits, berries, spices, fruit zests and dark chocolate. All flavours are dairy, wheat, gluten, and refined sugar free. Handcrafted and made to order for optimum freshness, they’re completely natural and so offer a great alternative to the often artificial chemical filled energy bars and gels.

Matty's passion and pride in his product can be seen immediately. They're wonderfully packaged and presented, ribboned, with hand-written labels, and leave you in no doubt that these are handmade products produced with great care. Each 30g NRG Bite is individually wrapped in 100% recyclable materials and is packed with goodness providing, on average, 140 calories, 12g carbs and 4g protein. Perfect for re-fuelling during or after your rides. Although not your traditional energy bar shape they will sit surprisingly well in your jersey pockets and are a lot easier to open on the move than many mass produced mainstream bars!

I am generally a fan of gels over bars for refuelling on the move. With many mainstream energy bars I usually finding myself endlessly chewing and chewing and realising a km later that I've yet to swallow anything! I found these NRG Bites, however, really easy to eat on-the-go. Neither too chewy or dry,  and easily broken down such is their construction. Perfect for refuelling with 'real food'. Having said that, to guzzle these down on the move is to do them a massive injustice. These NRG Bites deserve more. They deserve to be savoured. Have a break, enjoy the view and fully appreciate the textures and flavours these Bites provide. 

All five flavours I sampled were wonderfully tasty: Apple and Cinnamon; Cherry and Dark Chocolate; Cranberry, Pistachio and Fennel; Orange and Ginger; and perhaps my favourite, Spiced Berry. 

These NRG Bites are very moreish - I struggled to save them purely for my rides - they do make a fantastic healthy snack anytime.A really great product, a full five stars from me and no wonder Chris Froome gave them the thumbs-up. I'll soon be contacting Matty with my order!

Matty can be contacted via Facebook or email