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OTE Drinks and Gels

Everyone tends to use 'special' products these days - the legal sort, not Lance-style EPO! Bearing in mind the mess that he got into, we'd better stick to drink supplements then. The Robinson's squash was put away and we contacted a few brands to help out our testing. 

Over the Summer into Autumn 'we at Pedalnorth have mostly been using OTE Energy Gels and Energy Drinks' (Fast Show, BBC - if you didn't watch it, your fault!). We've used these products for a number of different events: Ripon Triathlon, where the drink and gels were used on the ride then the transition between ride and run, providing that much needed bit of oomph to carry on and help get a PB in the event. On a daily basis we live in the hills - lots of them. We don't keep whippets but we do ride down the cobbles like the Hovis advert, so hills need help! 

A 100 miler came our way, in order to help a friend achieve his first 100 mile road ride. Once again we drank the energy drink in advance to give us a kick start, and had it in a bottle, dipping into it during the first half of the ride,  a naughty hilly section. At the 85 mile mark the gels came into actio as the exertion was taking it's toll on our weary bodies. Kaboom - big energy rush and we succeeded, managing to come to a halt at 100 miles - outside a Pub - now there's a thing.

Endurance events seemed to be working well with the OTE products, and so we sought out one for the mountain bikes,  up in Keilder. The OTE drink and gel did their stuff, giving that extra lift to trudge through the countryside and no rules broken Lance...couldn't stop myself!

What about the flavour and make-uo then. The gels come in a variety of flavours and unlike some gels are easy to swallow and 'stay down' plus there's enough in there to get the hit required ( lemon and lime being favoured here ) . The drink again come in a variety of flavours and mix very,very easily with water and has a velvet sort of consistency that goes down a treat, providing a suitable platform to start your session  ( vanilla was Garrys' favourite ) .

OTE are proud to say that their gels and drink sachets are all natural products. They taste great and seem to do the trick, proving then that additives and suppliments aren't always necessary. It would have been easy to test these on routine rides, but the endurance element seemed to have more merit - well done OTE. 

The products are competitively priced - however, they're best suited for endurance / distance events rather than everyday training fuel. 

Overall we were pleasantly surprised with the product and will be putting the Robinson's back into the cupboard for now; it's a full 5 stars for both drinks and gels.