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Other Bike Stuff

There's a great selection of kit we like, both for the bike and to help you look after yourself. In the list below too, we have several upgrades and options to make your cycling even better.

An off the peg bike isn't always exactly what you need, nor what you want. Often, the only way to get your dream bike is to upgrade or to build it yourself. Recognising this, we test some top quality upgrades, to see if they make the mark, putting only the very best on our website, so that you can rely on the information.

Other Bike Stuff

Pirelli Zero Road Tyre

Classic Italian tire company, Pirelli have returned to cycling. We tested their new Zero road tire, and its surprisingly good for a first offering. Read the review by Larisa Chinces here

Hutchinson Fusion 5 Galactik road tyre

Let's talk tyres then; you've survived the wet and cold seasons, and enjoyed the miles of spring. Time then to make the most of those cold and damp miles - time for a fast tyre.

The new Hutchinson Fusion 5 Galactik is such a beast, and in it's 23" offering will definitely speed you along - but how does it grip?

Look mtb Pedals: S-Track

Our North America editor, David takes a look at these top quality pedals from French brand' Look' - take a peek yourself...


Vittoria Rubino Pro Control

Those clever people from Italy have come up trumps with this new graphene road tyre. Riding on twisty and loose moorland and dales roads, it adds that touch of confidence that all riders need...


Hutchinson Intensive 2 Hardskin Road Tyre

Our clubs lead here at pedalnorth rides all manner of bikes, from road, XC to Enduro; so who better to test out these tough tyres from Hutchinson

Vittoria Rubino Pro Endurance

If you like coffee, then a Latte is always a good safe choice. Expresso is too fast and risky; it's the same with tyres. This new road offering from Vittoria is the ideal choice for Latte lovers, those who love a safe choice. It'll last for a good while, be strong and secure in the corners and perform in all weathers. 

Vittoria Bomboloni Fat Bike Tyre

Richard Schumacher from Fulford Cycles at York is a serious rider. He's done the Megavalanche several times and rides regularly at Dalby Forest on the technical stuff. An ideal guy then to test the new Vittoria Bomboloni Fat Bike tyre for us.


Vittoria Mezcal MTB Tyre with Graphene

Here's the deal, it's tricky getting the right tyre for trail riding. A wide variety of conditions to contend with, you never quite know if your choice will cut the mustard.

We were therefore pleasantly surpised with these new tyres from Italian brand Vittoria


Vittoria Barzo MTB Tyre with Graphene

Another great new tyre from those clever people in Italy. Made for tackling the trails, it's a burly and beefy tough track muncher, that'll hold uyou firm and speed you through the muck. 

This is a definite winner if you ride natural trails in the wilds...



After a good bit of early season use, this well thought out and well engineered tool kit fom Neos is still looking the business and nice and shiny...and it does the job intended very well. Read our review by clicking the button below...


Cycling Ceramic Bottom Bracket & Jockey Wheels

There are a variety of ways to get the perfect bike for you. One way is to find the best products and build it or upgrade it yourself. Bottom brackets and jockey wheels are a critical part of the perfect bike. We took a look at these offerings from Cycling Ceramic.


Schwalbe One Road Tyre

We've been testing this tyre from German Brand Schwalbe in some really wet and wintry Dales conditions. It has been a real revelation, sticking to the road when required and easy all around. Read the full review here 

Hutchinson Fusion 5 Performance Road Tyre

French brand Hutchinson have done their homework with this tyre; it sticks well, rolls smoothly and performs well in the Yorkshire Dales. Read on and find out how it went on test...



Schwalbe Durano Road Tyre

Helen Harris has been busy this winter, testing the Schwalbe Durano tyre, on both her daily commute and on leisure rides.

It looks like it'l do the job well, and is standing up to the tough winter testing.Read the full review here



Rotor Q Rings on MTB

Bio rings per se are not new; what is new however is what various companies are doing themselves to improve cycling efficiency - marginal gains.

We're testing Rotor Q-Rings on one of our mountain bikes to see if they do what's intended. 


Rotor Q Rings for Roadies

Our technical editor Simon has been testing Q Rings on the road. Read his thoughts by clicking here

XTR Gear Cables

Gear cable upgrades are always worth it. However simple it seems, it makes a great deal of difference, and these cables from Shimano are just the job. Click the image to read our full review. 

Crank Bros Pedals

These guys make really good pedals for mountain bikes. They don't clog up with muck and they keep spinning away all day long. Take a read  of our review. 

Osymetric Chain Rings (Road)

New technical editor, Simon Baxter, fits and tests Osymetric chain rings to a road bike and takes it on test. Whilst Chris Froome does well on these, read how Simon finds them by clicking the image to the left. 

Arisun  Mount Graham XC Tyre

We had a friend of ours, and British Cycling coach, Mark Grange from Velo Coaching take a look at these XC tyres from South African brand Arisun


Arisun Allure C2 Pro - K3 Road Tyre 

Described by Arisun as a 'mixed road and weather' tyre, this certainly is - and it's a real belter too. Tough, tight on tread and control, and fast enough rolling to keep you moving smoothly. Yes, it's fair to say that over a long term test, we've been really pleased with this beauty.