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Road Bikes

There are a multitude of options within road bikes: carbon, steel, aluminium, fixed wheel, single speed, compact, double, triple, and even some wooden frames now! 

We're picking out a few great road bikes that we feel with give you a good safe ride and add the the pleasure not the pain!

Pinarello Dogma K8-S

Global Editor, Grant Williams was given the chance to test ride the Pinarello Dogma K8-S, which maybe of interest to readers looking for a new bike, intended for long-distance riding or cobbled sportives. 

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Kona Zing CR

We've had this bike on long term test for a while now, and with only a few tweaks, it's proved to be a good bike from the Canadian brand. It's stood up to a testing winter and helped us up some hills with relative ease.

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Focus Culebro 105

Focus make good bikes. They're a worthy Grand Tour Team and bring their expertise down to you and I, ensuring that their steeds are also great value. This 105 equipped machine is spot on and tackles the hills with the ease all day long. Click the image to read more 

Pinearello Quattro

It's a Pinarello guys - what can we say. However, click the image to read the full review from our Norman. 

Merida Scultura Carbon SL

This is a very friendly bike, one that wants to be ridden. When kitted out with Campag and Corima it'll def look after you on the hills.