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Robert Thorpe - Editorial

Robert Thorpe - Editorials 

It's about time I took time to step away from the managerial seat and got back to writing. For one thing, it'll give me an excuse to get out riding more, and that can't be a bad thing! 

I regard myself as a lucky person. I have a great and understanding family (who allow me time to explore on bike and rock), I have great friends, most of whom ride or climb, and I live on the edge of both the Yorkshire Dales and North Yorks Moors. Having also lived in the Peaks and the Lakes I have been immersed into some of the most sublime countryside in the UK. For me, being on a bike amidst such scenery, on road or trail, is like breathing. No, it is breathing; it's the blood that flows through me and the energy that powers my soul. 

Our existince is temporal and so I suppose that we owe a duty to be explorers, to drive forward, to turn the cranks and to ride into the unknown. We've certainly done that a few times when seeking out new routes. 'We get lost so that you don't have to' being the motto. We even discovered 'mountainbikeneering' along way - just ask my friend Garry!

Whilst society gets evermore complex and technical, the humble bicycle remains a constant. I feel as if my limbs are complete when I attach myself to one. To be able to lose myself in a state of mind which seems removed from the complexities around me. This is why I write and why I ride.

I have no choice. It's simply my inner soul speaking to me and telling me to pedal further and to explore beyond the limits of both the visual and physical. 

During the next year or so I want to explore more about what the humble double triangle frame and wheels means to peole around the world and how it connects our various cultures and lives. And in doing so, I'm quite certain it'll make me a better cyclist along the way.

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