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The Roofbox Company

You may well ask 'why are we looking at roofboxes' - but we're not. Before I answer in more detail, let me ask you a question. How many of you have or need bike carriers? I bet that the majority of you will have bought them on line from these people. Now you know why I am going to the hills of Cumbria to visit a great northen success story.

Back in August I was asked if I'd like to vist 'John Jordan Limited' - The Roofbox Company. I was met and hosted by the Marketeting Manager Lucy Gray and two of her team, Andy Greensmith and Dave Forknall. The feel and warm welcome was second to none, it was like they were one big happy family. The knowledge and passion surrounding the items they supply is - expert rating. If there are any questions that need asking the staff are there at the end of a phone line during office hours to answer them. 

 After the introductions and an obligatory cup of tea, I was shown a couple of items which 'Roofbox' are the main suppliers of and proved to be very impressive:  the BUZZ RACK and Atera bike carriers which are outstanding (I caught myself staring at them admiring the engineering artwork constantly)  and will be reviewed in the coming months along with the Yakima Frontloader and the Inno Tyre Hold, roof mounted carriers. Then the' B&W bike bag' was shown to me and again it was impressive. Not that I'm easily pleased, but what a cracking bit of kit to keep your pride and joy protected when travelling; once again a review will be done in time. Norman is currently testing it out in darkest Lancashire. 

These items are at the forefront of the bike kit market that the company supply, and are probably the best around at this time. This company don't seem to do anything that they wouldn't want themselves - always a good measure. I can't say enough about them; the whole office seem to live and breath their products and could probably go on Mastermind about the range. Yes, 'The Roofbox Company' definitely seem to know their stuff, and they seek out some great looking products for you and I.

We've set up a special section on our site to take a closer look at bike carriers over the next few months, because if you're like us, the other half gets a bit fed up with dirty bikes all over the upholstery!