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Routes Team

We spend a lot of time researching routes and writing them up for our readers. During 2016 we'll be increasing our routes team in other areas of the country; all of whom are volunteers, doing this for free.

It's about time then that we introduced you to the riders responsible for putting together the great rides on 

The team is headed up by routes editor Norman Hadley, with a new sub- team down south, covering East Anglia, London and the South East, headed by deputy editor Helen Harris. 

During the next few months we'll also be looking to develop routes in Wales and the Peak District, on road and mountain bike.

Robert Thorpe - Routes All Areas


Ken Wynn - Northumberland Routes

Helen Harris - Southern Routes Team

Garry Shillam - Wales & Dales

Gosia Cyganowska - Southern Routes

Lindsey Walker - Southern Routes

Dave Barf - Man of the Moors

Ian Nuttney - Southern Routes